Akachan to Boku


Isn't Minoru just adorable?? I got this cel from Anime Lane. CUTE!

Takuya and Gon-chan

This is such a cool cel!! I got it from Anime Lane also. It includes an uncut, oversized background, genga, and is a double layer cel of Takuya and his friend Gon-chan. Takuya is so cool. I feel really bad for him though. If you haven't seen Akachan to Boku, I highly recommend it. It will make you laugh and cry. It's better than CATS. ^_^


A gorgeous profile of Takuya.


This is Takuya's other good friend, Akihiro. (Thanks to Simon Knowles for correcting me! If you like Akachan to Boku, please check out his mailing list on Yahoo Groups "akaboku".)

Sweet Minoru

NEW! Doesn't Minoru just have the cutest, sweetest smile?

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