This is Baikinman, the "bad guy" in Anpanman. He and Dokinchan spend nearly every episode trying to find a way to defeat Anpanman. Although Dokinchan may be more interested in trying to get a date with Shokupanman. Anyway, I primarily bought this cel in order to explain my hobby to adult Japanese people who usually have never heard of Galactic Heroes, don't watch current pre-teen oriented anime, and who often feign igorance of Dragon Ball and Gundam. But everybody knows Anpanman, Doraemon, Sazaesan, etc. Actually, I sometimes enjoy watching Anpanman. I like Currypanman, and I really want a cel of Shokupanman so I can finally use the caption "Captain Whitebread!" ^_^


This cel of Baikinman is from the same sequence as the one above, but this one includes his UFO! How cool is that?


One more of Baikinman in his UFO - looks like he spotted something interesting.


Finally! A cel of another character. ^^ It's Naganegiman! Who would suspect that mild-mannered Negi-ojisan is the person behind the mask!?! It's obvious that the character is based on Zorro.

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