The earth?

This is the one that started it all. I was flipping through a pile of backgrounds at a cel shop when I saw some pretty night skies. I thought to myself, "Hey, I could use some of these with my Legend of the Galactic Heroes cels". And then I saw this one, with a beautiful blue-green planet (possibly earth) in the upper corner.

A gorgeous mountain scene

And this is the second background that I bought, which gave me enough reason to make this webpage. I have no idea what series any of these backgrounds are from, and to be honest, I think I'd rather not know.

A snowy telephone line

A beautiful (if somewhat stark) winter scene.


NEW! Just a nice picture of some bamboo. I like the colors. I got a little lazy scanning these backgrounds, so each of the new ones is just one-pass in the center with the scanner instead of four passes stitched to the edges like the others. Technically they're not really new either, I've just put off scanning them for a couple of years. ^_^;;

Falking in the Worest

NEW! A pretty nighttime forest scene. This is a book background - the trees in the foreground are painted on a cel, and you could put a character between them and the background trees.

The Cat Beckons

NEW! This is one of my festival backgrounds! I actually used to collect maneki neko figures, so I couldn't resist this background. It's also a book background, with the cat and foreground booth on a separate piece of paper from the rest of the background.


NEW! My other festival background! It's a takoyaki booth! Takoyaki are octopus balls. They're amazingly popular in Japan. Not my favorite - I'm not into shellfish - but they do smell awefully good. Like the maneki neko above, this is a book background, with the foreground takoyaki booth on a different sheet from the rest of the background. The booths in the background say, "Ikayaki" (Grilled Squid) and "Ringo-ame" (Candied Apples)

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