CLAMP Campus Detectives

A Classic Scene

I finally broke down and bought this cel from Anime Taro. It's incredible. It's oversized, about 45cmx35cm (without measuring). It took 4 passes with the scanner to scan the whole thing - the somewhat visible verticle line on the left quarter of the cel is from my attempt to stitch the files together, and is not present on the cel or background. It came with the background (cute!), and it perfectly captures the relationship between Nokoru and Suoh. Nokoru, bursting with passion, and Suoh, trying not to have a nervous breakdown. I LOVE IT!

Suoh from the opening credits

Suoh got to look really cool and dangerous in the opening credits! He even got to use sharp pointy weapons. Cool!

Akira and ?

This is a wonderful shot from the opening credits of Akira and a mysterious caped figure. Because the caped figure is white, I went ahead and scanned this against a dark background.

Akira and Nokoru on planets

Akira and Nokoru prove that the universe DOES revolve around the Clamp Campus in the opening credits. Scanned against black to show the nifty ring around Nokoru's planet.

Suoh, Akira, and Nokoru on planets

Suoh joins the other two on their universal adventure.

Akira and Suoh from opening credits

This is an oversized cel from the end of the opening credits of CLAMP Campus Detectives. Akira comes running up and Suoh stands near Nokoru, who is currently MIA. Unfortunately, I don't have the cel of Nokoru that should have him in the middle.

This cel is from one of the CLAMP Campus Detectives Omake that were included at the end of each laser disc released in Japan. You can tell because of the SD characters and the especially dark outlines. I love the fish! I got this cel from Animanga.

The CLAMP Campus Detectives

This is a really cute cel that I got from Noriko's Shopping Pagoda/Darkharbor. It's Suoh Takamura, Nokoru Imonoyama, and Akira Ijuin, the CLAMP Campus Detective Group, walking together with rather serious looks on their faces.

Nokoru Imonoyama

I got this cel from Marisa Price. It's a really pretty cel of Nokoru Imonoyama, the president of the CLAMP Campus Elementary Division Student Council, leader of the CLAMP Campus Detectives and the mastermind behind the Campus Police Duklyon. The colors on this cel are a little dark, but his eyes are beautiful.

Nokoru and Suoh

This is a cel from the CLAMP Campus Detectives TV series. Nokoru Imonoyama and Suoh Takamura share an intimate moment. ^_- I bought this cel from Usagi's House.

Nokoru and Akira

Isn't Akira adorable? This is a classic Akira expression. I bet he's saying "Sugoi, Kaichou!" or something similar.


This is from one of the rare, serious moments in the series. Nokoru is hurt, bleeding, and hanging on the outside of a subway car for his life. I love it! I got this cel from Animanga.

Run, Suoh!  Run!

Another serious moment! Suoh runs to the rescue! The background is actually painted on the cel. Another cel from Animanga.


A nice, introspective Nokoru cel. I got this from Darkharbor.

Nokoru and Suoh

What does one do with that many hamburgers? This is such a cute cel! I got it from Darkharbor.


Suoh Takamura. I don't know what he's pointing to. Probably best that way. Cute cel though! I got it from Darkharbor.


Miyuki-chan is the star of her own bizarre manga by CLAMP, but she made a couple of guest appearences in the CLAMP Campus Detectives anime. If only Nokoru knew the truth about Miyuki, he'd probably make it his mission to rescue her from her own series too! At least she got a break in the CCD anime. I got this cel from Darkharbor.

20 Mensou

No, it's not Tuxedo Mask. Who is the mysterious thief 20 Mensou? Can you guess? This cel has the Studio Pierrot 20th Anniversary seal. Unfortunately, it didn't come with a pencil. I got it from Usagi's House.

20 Mensou Sanjou!

It's a 20 Mensou calling card! A bunch of them!


I took one look at this cel, and I literally started to laugh aloud in the store. I knew I had to buy it.

Akira and a puppy

What do you get when you multiply CUTE times CUTE? Akira with a puppy!! Make sure you get your insulin shot after you see this cel!

Takeshi and Erii

Do not mock the frilly pink aprons! These young Clamp Campus students are actually the Clamp Campus Police Duklyon! Protecting the weak and baking up some red-hot justice!


I have been looking for cels of the Duklyon characters for a couple of years! So I'm really excited that I got these cels!!!


It's a good thing that Akira is such a trusting young man. It never occurs to him that Santa-san might be. . . dun dun dun DUN . . . someone close to him!

Akira in a yukata with a fan

From the summer festival, Akira-kun looks very cute in his yukata with his fan!

Nokoru in his Fortune-teller disguise

Nokoru knows all and sees all, and he will tell you your future if you only ask. A cute (if somewhat suspicious) disguise.


This is Idomu, a rival of Nokoru who appears toward the end of the anime.

Akira in a greenhouse

This is a gorgeous background with a book cel of Akira. The colors are absolutely wonderful! It's an oversized pan-cel.


This is a great expression on Idomu's face. The "background" is actually painted on the cel.


Another Idomu cel: this one has the Sudio Pierrot seal on it. This is a really sweet, sad cel.

Nokoru and Idomu

Aw! Cute little Nokoru and Idomu having fun together when they were little!

Nokoru and Idomu

Nokoru and Idomu. Interesting, sunset-type color. A little line fading, but not terrible.

Akira Kakkoi!

New! This is a particularly cool cel of Akira!

Akira Kowai!

New! And this cel... get your shota-con minds out of the gutter! Definitely sort of disturbing. I need to find the scene to put my mind at ease.


New! This is from episode 14 I think.


New! As is this cel. Handcuffs. Yeah. I don't draw them. I just collect them. XD

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