Akazukin Chacha

Reiya and Shine-chan

Reiya-kun! Shine-chan! Two of my favorites from the super-cute series, Akazukin Chacha! I got this really nice cel from Nichibei at AX99.

Seravy and Elizabeth

Seravy is really cute! He's Chacha's guardian, a powerful wizard with a small doll named Elizabeth whom he makes talk using ventriloquism. He also seems to like Dorothy, Shine-chan's mentor.

Seravy, Elizabeth, and Dorothy

Seravy and Dorothy make a cute couple, especially when they're wearing rediculous disguises! Even Elizabeth is wearing a cute costume.


Orin-chan is one of my favorite characters! She's so cute! She's a little ninja who goes to the same school as Chacha and her friends. She's really, really shy, but she likes Shine-chan. Here she looks really awsome!


Rascal-sensei, Chacha's teacher at magic school, is a very sensitive man. Don't let the whip fool you. He really is a very sweet guy who loves flowers and cute things. Really!


This is what it's all about! Harry Potter, eat your heart out! Shine-chan is cool!


This is Marin-chan, the mermaid girl who likes Reiya-kun, but who can't get it through her head that Reiya the boy and Reiya the wolf are one and the same! I just thought this was a super-cute happy cel.

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