Cutey Honey F
キューティーハニー F


Seiji-san is a cutey! I don't particulary like the orgininal Cutey Honey, but I did enjoy Cutey Honey F, the shoujo tv incarnation of Go Nagai's heroine. Seiji is a great leading man, and IMHO most definitely Honey's best love interest. I don't think there's anything about him I don't like except for possibly his major lack of clue when it came to Honey's real identity.

I got this cel with background through an auction run by Marisa Price, and actually bought the cel from Anime Lane. It's slightly stuck to the background so I won't try to seperate them.

Prince Zera

This guy was the most interesting and mysterious character in Cutey Honey F. The mysterious Twilight Prince Zera who gave Honey the broach allowing her to transform into Cutey Honey and who kept her informed about Panther Claw's next step. But who was he and what was his real purpose? What did he hope to gain by helping her? A secret agent? A double agent? A double cross? It was hard to tell who's side he was on. He's cute, but I like Seiji better as a love interest for Honey. ^_^

I got this cel from Curt at Asylum Comics and Anime. I also got another of the same character but it's not as cute as this one.

Prince Zera

NEW! This is the other cel I got but until now never bothered to scan.

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