CLAMP in Wonderland

The CCD guys

This cel is from the 10-minute music video "CLAMP in Wonderland". It's from the very opening section of the video where each of the major characters from CLAMP's various works are introduced. I nearly died when I saw this cel and another like it at Anime Taro's website. They've had several CiW cels for sale, but unfortunately this was the only one I was able to get. It's cute though. You can see all of Nokoru, Suoh's face (yeah!! ^_^) but only the back of Akira's head.

Subaru with ofuda

This cel is also from "CLAMP in Wonderland", and also from the opening section of the video. This is Subaru Sumeragi, from Tokyo Babylon (and later, X). I tried to get a cel of Subaru very similar to this one from Anime Taro a while ago, but it was already sold. Now I have this one from the same sequence that I got on auction from Noriko's Shopping Pagoda. I feel very lucky!

Subaru close up

Didn't I say I was lucky? Not a month after I got the cel right above, I found this one at Anime Taro! I immediately bought it. Now I've got TWO Subaru cels! And I like the artwork in CiW better than in the Tokyo Babylon OVAs too. Now I want a cel of Seishirou. Maybe I'll be lucky again. ^_^

RG Veda characters

I also got this RG Veda scene from Anime Taro.

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