Detective Conan

The "generic" Conan story goes something like this. Oh, no. Someone's been murdered. Fortunately, there are only a half dozen suspects, none of whom can run off. Conan figures out the Rube Goldburg-esqe method by which the murderer almost got away with it. machigainai! hanin wa ano hito da! No one will believe a kid, though, so Conan uses knocks out Mouri and uses his voice-changing bowtie to make everyone think Mouri solved the case. After a lengthy explanation, the criminal finally realizes that he/she is caught, and confesses. "I did it because 15 years ago he broke the pot containing my prize-winning begonia! Ever since then, I have done nothing but plot my revenge! And I would have gotton away with it, too, if it hadn't been for that darn kid."

Conan with a Two-Mix cd

From the same two-episode story as the Takayama Minami cel, this is from the end right before the final concert. Conan trying to sing in place of Takayama-san is hysterical! If you look closely at the CD case in his hand, the you can read the label "Two-Mix Dance Revolution"

The Last Wizard of the Century?

Conan auditions for the anime-adaptation of Harry Potter! Click here to see a slightly modified version of the original cel.

Conan in a CUTE hat!

This cel was on YJ for a while before I finally broke down and bought it. I just love the hat and coat! It's so cute!

Edogawa Conan

Edogawa Conan, aka Kudou Shinichi, the "kid" who keeps solving all the muders and mysteries.

Oh, no!

Oh, no! One of Conan's friends is in trouble, and he's just realized it! Better go save them before they get themselves killed.

Shounen Tanteidan

Two of Conan's "friends", members of the Shounen Tanteidan, who generally get into more trouble than they help solve. Genta is the big kid with a pointy head; Mitsuhiko is the short kid. They're both in love with Ayumi (although Mitsuhiko also likes Ai-chan).


This is a cute cel of Ayumi, member of the Shounen Tanteidan. She likes Conan a lot, much to Genta and Mitsuhiko's chagrin. Look out Ran, you've got competition.


Haibara Ai, code-name "Sherry". Cels of her are expensive and hard to find. Megumi Hayashibara is her voice actress.


Mouri Ran, Shinichi's girlfriend, karate champ, and occasional (especially in the movies!) damsel in distress. I still can't believe she hasn't figured out that Conan is Shinichi. :-P

Who turned out the lights?

This is a really dark colored cel, but the scan came out surprisingly well. I don't really know who the man in the front is, but the girl next to Ran is Sonoko, Ran's best friend. Kind of a rich snob, thinks of herself as a little bit of a detective, but generally a nice person.

Mori and an old fart

I don't wanna know what he's saying. The guy with the mustache is THAT FAMOUS DETECTIVE MOURI! Ran's father, Mouri Kogoro, the lucky guy who gets to unknowingly cash in on Conan's brain. The old guy is no one of any importance.

But mom!

The pretty lady with glasses is Ran's mother, Kisaki Eri, a famous and brilliant lawyer. Needless to say, she and Ran's good-for-nothing father are currently seperated.


Here's a nice cel of Heiji. He's got the same voice actor as Vegita from Dragon Ball and Reinhart from LoGH. Hard to believe - he sounds really different when he plays Heiji.


And here's a nice cel of Hattori's girlfriend, Touyama Kazuha.

A Gruesome Death!

"Shit! What did I hit this time?!"
This is one of my favorite cels. I call it "Overkill". ^_^ Actually, the dead guy fell from a building and landed on the police car that just "happened" to be right underneath it. The guy leaning out the window is Hattori Heiji, a teenage sleuth from Osaka and friend of Shinichi, one of the few people who know Conan's true identity.

What's wrong with this picture?
Lady in Black fixed scan

Ooh, another cel with a background. The background on this one is interesting. It's acutally a laser image glued to heavy stock. But I still think it may be a production background - I think they wanted to blur the background in order to create the illusion of depth. This was, btw, a pretty darn cool part of the series.

". . . something that will attract attention, but have no real importance" - The Secret of Monkey Island

Wanna play?

"Wanna play 'kick the can'?" From the same episode as the Lady in Black.

Gin, the Man in Black

Heh, heh. This guy should be familiar to anyone who's even seen the first episode of the series, although this cel is from the same episode as the one above.

Jodie-sensei, not at ALL suspicious

Jodie Santemillion is the English teacher at Ran and Shinichi's school. She acts like a total ditz, but there's seems to be a lot more to her than meets the eye. After all, "A secret makes a woman, woman".


I think this is a cel of Araide-sensei, but I'm not 100% certain without finding the episode. The hair doesn't look exactly right to me, and sometimes minor characters can look alike in this series. Of course, even if it is Araide-sensei, is it really Araide-sensei? ;) The cel itself is oversized, althouth the image isn't any larger than it would be on a standard cel.

Mouri, Shiratori, and a demented wine expert

Time for Jennifer's COP COLLECTION! My favorite characters in Conan are actually the police officers. This cel is from the second movie, the 14th Target. From left to right, the characters are Mouri, Shiratori, and a sommlier with a serious mental problem. I bought this cel for Shiratori, one of the police detectives who occasionally shows up. His voice actor was Shiozawa Kaneto, who unfortunately died.

Megure, Shiratori, and Mouri

Here's another cel from the second movie (the 14th Target). It's Megure, Shiratori, and Mouri. I got four of the cels from this sequence (a1-a4) and I made an animated gif out of them. You can watch Mouri do a spit-take as Megure and Shiratori are shocked by a sudden revelation! Click here! (about 530K)

Megure, Takagi, and some other guy

More police officers. From left to right, the characters are Megure, Takagi, and some other guy. Right now, Takagi is my favorite character in the series. He's cute and funny! He and Satoh make a cute couple too!


This is such a great cel!! Like I said above, Takagi is my favorite character right now. I never expected to find such a nice cel though! Also, none of the backgrounds on any of these Conan cels are cut, making them too big to fit in one scan. However, I didn't have the energy to scan and stitch them together since they aren't all that exciting.

Detective Satoh

Yay! I finally got a really nice cel of Detective Satoh. This is from the omiai episode, which is why she's wearing a pink kimono. Who do you think she's talking to on the keitai? I'll give you one guess.

Takagi and the Shounen Tanteidan

This is a little image, but it's a great scene. Takagi is on the phone and the Shounen Tanteidan are being their nosey selves.

Takagi and the Shounen Tanteidan

And part 2, Takagi gets yelled at on the phone! Great reaction!

Satoh and Takagi

This is my newest favorite Conan cel! This is a cel of Detective Satoh and Detective Takagi. They're so CUTE together! This is from an episode where they were escorting a criminal on a shinkansen to Tokyo, until the criminal appeared to commit suicide in a train lavatory. There is one weird thing about this cel. It has a SHOPRO seal in the upper left corner. I've never seen this on a cel before, and have no idea what it means.

Satoh and Takagi

NEW! Another awesomely awesome cel of Satoh and Takagi! Almost certainly from the same Shinkansen episode. This one is actually (obviously :) two cel layers, where the one above is a single cel with both characters.

Takagi and Mouri

This is one of my favorite Conan cels! It's from the fourth movie, "Captured in Her Eyes", from the wedding party scene. Setting up the scene: Kogoro is frustrated because none of the police officers will tell him anything about the murders of two detectives. Detective Takagi is standing nearby, and Conan mentions something to the effect of "By the way, Mr. Takagi likes Detective Satoh, doesn't he?" at which point Kogoro grabs Takagi by the lapels and says, "Oooh? That's very interesting. Let's go tell Detective Satoh about Takagi's feelings!" I LOVE the sweat and the color in Takagi's cheeks!! Of course, he breaks immediately, and tells Kogoro what he knows about the case.

Takagi and Megure

I LOVE the goofy looks on their faces! Takagi has a great "you've got to be kidding" expression!


NEW! Yay! Another police officer. This is Yumi (with Sonoko standing to the right). She's a friend of Satoh. She's likes gossip, and does everything she can to try to help Takagi win Satoh's heart. Or at least to get him to buy Satoh things that she likes so she can borrow them later. ;) This cel came with a second mouth layer.


NEW! This cel came with a second mouth layer. Unfortunately, the cel itself got stuck to the backing that the seller used to frame the cel in a cheap plastic frame, and I lost a little paint in the dark purple of Sonoko's headband and top when I tried to remove it. I was trying to be so careful. :( Oh well. I still have the paint, it's just on the cardboard.

The Night Baron

This is a pretty cool cel. It's a cel of the "Night Baron", a character written by Shinichi's dad, a famous author. This cel is either from the story when Shinichi's parents first show up early in the series, or else it's probably from a story when a killer was dressing up like the Night Baron.

Takayama Minami

This is so cool! This is the first cel I've ever bought of a real person! This is a cel of Takayama Minami, the singer half of the Jpop unit Two-Mix (best known to US fans for the opening credits to Gundam Wing), and also the voice actress for Conan. In this episode, Two-Mix was kidnapped and it was up to Conan to find them before it was too late! I may add a manga scan of this scene later too. Yep, this wasn't just a plot contrived for the tv version - it's manga canon! Or should I say, Conan?

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