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Art by My Friends!

Pokota!  Ike ike go go jump!

This is a handdrawn and painted piece of fan art by my friend Emily Snodgrass <>. I bought it at the art show auction at AnimeFest 96. It's a cel of Pokota, the living stuffed animal/mascot/best friend of Hime-chan from Hime-chan's Ribbon. I thought that this was the cutest piece in the exhibition.

Admiral Brain
These two very special pictures were drawn for me by Sidney Harrison and are used here with his permission. Sidney is a friend and former student of mine from the one year I taught high school chemistry before I got my current job. He was already a fan of animation, and I loaned him my copies of Legend of the Galactic Heroes to watch. He then drew these two pictures of Pinky and the Brain after I explained my initial story concept to him. The story was entitled Legend of the Galactic Weirdos Chapter 1: Of Mice and the Military.
Pinky of the FPA
This is the picture of Pinky if he were a member of the Free Planets' Alliance. In my story Pinky is actually working with Brain in the empire, but this is a very cute concept picture.
Kazuki by Aki Oka
New! Two of my friends are students at Hokuryo Junior High School in Kochi, Japan. They are both fans of GetBackers, and both drew absolutely gorgeous pictures of Kazuki that they gave me copies of and permission to post on my webpage. This is an illustration by Aki Oka, a very talented young lady.
Kazuki by Saki Kakiuchi
New! And this is another awesome illustration of Kazuki by Saki Kakiuchi. I'm so jealous of their ability!

Art by Me!

The Sorcerer Muppets
The Sorcerer Muppets

Um, yeah, I drew this, I admit it. I just couldn't get the idea out of my head. I'm not much of an artist, and I can't color in the things I draw if my life depended on it. But this came out sort of cute, so I thought I'd put it here.

The Haz Muppets
The Haz Muppets

More Muppet/Bakuretsu Hunter images that I drew.

Sing, Sing a Song!
This is another poor attempt at fan art by me. Two souls who only want to sing, and yet, no one will listen to them!
How appropriate. . .
This attempt at fan art was inspired by my sister and her insatiable appetite for Monkey Island (and all it's sequels). I like to call it "Guybrush's final swordfight".
Kokubunji - Ishibutsu and Sannensei
This isn't really fan art - it's just art. This is also going to be on my Jennifer in Japan webpage when I get that updated. This is a picture I drew at Kokubunji, the 29th temple of the 88 temple circuit on Shikoku. It's a stone Buddha and two third year junior high school students. I later painted watercolor over a photocopy of the drawing - I was too scared to paint over the original.
Fall Leaves
This drawing was done for the fan art contest at BakaNekoAnime. I actually won a prize - second place! I've never won a prize before, so I'm pretty excited. ^_^ Anyway, this is a drawing of Rantarou, Kirimaru, and Shinbei playing in leaves. It was drawn by hand, and then scanned and colored using the computer. It's probably one of the most complete drawings I've ever done.
NEW! This is a small, quick illustration I drew for Saki and Aki, my two friends who are huge Kazuki fans. They wanted me to try to draw a picture of Kazuki. I drew this in a very short time - about half an hour, but it still came out sort of cute. The name of the picture is Ayatori, which is the Japanese term for playing with string like cat's cradle. Kazuki made a (witch's) broom, a common thing to make in both Japan and the US. Jubei is the character in the background.
NEW! Another GetBackers illustration. Um, basically this is a really bad pun that I couldn't help feeling the need to draw. Sorry about all the Japanese on the illustration. It's based on a scene in Volume 21 of the manga. Pore just introduced Akabane to the two girls, and explained that he was a person "who's hobby is muder, Ginji's natural enemy" The word for natural enemy is "tenteki". The same word "tenteki" spelled with different kanji means an IV drip like you get at the hospital. And in the panel from the manga that I redrew in the bottom right, Natsumi has this cute little clueless look on her face, so for some reason I imagined her imagining the scene I drew here. Akabane, besides being a certified psycho, is also a medical doctor, so it actually makes sense! The title at the top is "Ginji no 'Tenteki'" (Ginji's "Tenteki"), and next to that is a reference to volume 21, page 106. The two Japanese sentences next to Akabane on the left are "Watashi wa isha desune" (I am a doctor), and then "Itakunaidesho?" (It doesn't hurt, does it?). And next to tare-Ginji on the right it says "Ban-chan...".

Boy, you can tell you've been in Japan for a long time when you start making bad Japanese pun-based fanart.

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