Fushigi Yuugi

Tamahome and Miaka SD

This Fushigi Yuugi cel is from Episode 2 of the television series from the scene when Tamahome and Miaka are trying to escape from the Emporer's palace and they are sneaking through the hall. It is a two layer setup. I got this cel from Image Anime Co. Ltd out of New York (also the original source of the Tamahome cel below) at a convention a couple of years ago.


I haven't ID'd the exact episode of this cel yet, but it is from early in the series before Tamahome lets himself be captured by Kutou. It's a nice action shot. I bought this cel from Curt Cowgill at Asylum Comics at the same convention a couple of years ago.


I got this cel through Marisa Price, although the origin of the cel was actually Anime Taro in Japan. It's a very nice 3-cel (none of which are stuck together!) setup of Hotohori. It's from one of the episodes when Hotohori, Tamahome, and Nuriko are escorting Miaka to Taitsukun in order to help her return to her world. [SPOILER] In this specific episode Taitsukun decided to test Miaka by trapping her in a mirror and sending an evil Shadow-Miaka to tempt the seishi. This is the scene immediately after Hotohori has struk the killing blow and the evil Shadow-Miaka is disintegrating behind him. [END SPOILER] Let me reiterate that it's a VERY nice cel. The three cels are (top) Hotohori, (middle) Shadow-Miaka's arm flying off, and (bottom) the Shadow-Miaka.


This is probably the only Chichiri cel I'm ever going to be able to afford. ^_^ I got it from Asylum Comics at Animefest '98. Even though it's a small cel, I'm pleased at the amount of detail in the image. I scanned the pencil offset from the cel since the image is so small.

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