Giant Robo

Giant Robo himself

I like Giant Robo. I've liked it since I first saw it. I didn't like the first Ginrei Special, but I've like everything else I've seen related to it. I LOVE Big Fire. Anyway, this is a cel of the big guy himself, falling over backward in episode, oh, gosh, I want to say episode 4. It's from when Daisaku tried to command Robo to attack the Vogler Sphere, and Robo couldn't dent it. So Robo fell. Daisaku would be in his upraised hand. I think that's the right scene. Anyway, I got this cel at AX98.

Alberto of Big Fire

Finally found a great Alberto cel! He's definitely one of the most interesting characters in the series, and my favorite of the Magnificent Ten. I love the special effects!

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