Gundam Wing

Duo Maxwell

These are the first cels I ever bought. I bought them at a convention from Nikaku Animart. They haven't come to another convention in this area ever since. At the time I had fallen in love with the G-boys, and finding the cels was a stroke of incredible luck. The two cels are actually from the same scene, but since they were not bonded to each other or to the pencils I decided to frame them seperately. I also didn't want Trowa to cover up part of Duo!

Trowa Barton

It doesn't show up very well on the scan, but I love the way Trowa is looking back at the viewer out of the corner of his eye. It's just SO right!

Heero Yui

This cel of Heero is from episode 2 of the tv series. It's a great shot of his face as the bullet from Duo's gun races toward him.

Lady Une

This probably sounds weird, but Lady Une is one of my favorite characters in the series. I like her complex personalities. This cel is missing a little paint on her hair, but is still not bad. And it goes REALLY well with the one below. I got this cel and the ones below from Anime Taro.

Saint Une?

Lady Une part deux. These two cels are a great matched pair, showing off the split personality of Lady Une. They look like bookends, don't they? I may have to use these for something on my page. ^_^

Treize Kushrenada

I really liked Treize. Which is one of the reasons that I don't like Wufei. :-P But here's a great cel of Treize looking very handsome.

Lucrezia Noin

And I finally got a cel of Noin, one of the coolest characters in the series. I think I bought this from Anime Taro.

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