Chou Kuseni Narisou


You may notice something cool here! Chou Kuseni Narisou (released as "I'll Make a Habit of It" by Tomodachi) was a cute but silly anime about an idol star who cut her hair so that she could go to school pretending to be a boy. Anyway, that's not important. ^_- What is important is that one of the episodes was a parody of the first Legend of the Galactic Heroes movie! I have only seen it once, when Walter showed it at TAC a few years ago, but I actually found a couple of cels from that episode! Unfortunately, I don't have any of the cels of Nagisa in a "Free Planets" uniform, but I do have these two cels of Momoko in an "Imperial" uniform! I got this one from ExCel anime.

Kaiser Momoko

This is the other cel. I got this one from eBay, but I'm not sure who from. I think it was userid bunnytoe, who often has unusual and unidentifiable cels.

Momoko singing

I got this cel from AWS over Christamas 2000 holiday. I actually didn't buy this cel for its own sake, but because it came with the cel below.


This cel is also from the parody episode. I think it was toward the end of the parody. This is a really neat cel, though! The turtles/palace are actually painted on background stock, and cut and pasted over the cel itself, which is a "book" cel. It's really nifty!

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