Violinist of Hameln


My first exposure to this series was watching the unsubtitled Japanese tapes from the video rental place. I found the art design attractive and the overall story interesting, although I had a very hard time following it. However, I knew immediately that one of the most attractive characters was this guy, Clarinet. For a long time I simply referred to him as the "cute guy from the castle", which still works for me. ^_- Got this cute cel from Asylum Comics.


This is Raiel, who literally carries a piano on his back. You might say that he and Hamel make beautiful music together. *smirk* ^_^

Clarinet and guards

NEW! I couldn't resist another inexpensive Clarinet cel. The color is a little strange, and there's a little line loss in his hair. I didn't pull them apart, but at least I know where the paint is - on the sketch.

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