Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo
(The Casebook of Young Kindaichi)

Hajime Kindaichi

Hajime Kindaichi is a super sleuth high school student, who seems to spend all his free time solving murder mysteries for the police. He has an incredibly high IQ, and his grandfather was a famous police detective. I honestly think this show has one of the highest body counts in anime -- someone dies in virtually every episode! Several volumes of the manga are currently available translated in English from Kodansha International.

Detective Kenmochi

This is Detective Kenmochi. He's the main police detective who Kindaichi usually helps solve cases.

Run, Hajime, run!

Run, Hajime, run! I really like this cel. It's very dynamic.

Police work

A detective's work is never done, especially with Kindaichi around. I swear, murders are attracted to that kid like flies to honey. I finally got a cel of Akechi, the rather smug, former LAPD whiz kid. But he's really cute, so I can't complain. ^_^

Almost a Kiss!

This cel is, unfortunately, stuck to both a piece of rice paper AND the pencil. But it's SO sweet! Even so, I doubt they were able to follow through - these kinds of moments have a tendency to be interrupted by the sound of someone screaming from another room.

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