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If there was ever any doubt, Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu) is my favorite anime show. I've finally been able to acquire a few cels from this series ^_^, although I'm always interested in acquiring more. With the cast of thousands, there are certainly characters I still don't have, and others (YANG!) that I'm always looking for more of. Actually, my sister says that when I get all the cels I want, I'll be able to recreate the series. ^_-

I've added a new section to this page, SPOILER cels. I've moved some cels from the Empire and FPA sections, as well as included some new cels in this section. This section includes any cels featuring scenes or characters that might be considered significant spoilers for the series.

So please enjoy looking at these cels. None are for sale, but you're free to make offers. Be warned, it'll have to be a pretty darn good offer. More than likely, you'll have to pry them out of my cold, dead hands. ^_^

I've divided the Empire and FPA pages up into multiple sections. I hope it helps with the loading time!

The First Movie:
My Conquest is the Sea of Stars


NEW! The Second Movie:
Overature to a New War

NEW! The Galactic Empire

Phezzan, Ships, etc.

NEW! The Free Planets' Alliance


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