Macross 7

Max Jenius and his beautiful eyes!

I don't typically buy genga, but LOOK AT THIS! How could I not buy this? Beautiful, beautiful. Gah, when he looks at you like that...

The eyes....

This was actually on a yellow correction sheet, but I filtered out the yellow color in the scan because it was too bright. No glasses. So pretty...


Again, yellow correction color filtered out. Looks like a picture that should be in the illustration section of an artbook. Max. eyes. smile. pretty. mrp.... (Jennifer is overwhelmed and will be back momentarily....)

Rey and Veffidas

This is one of my new favorite cels. It's a great scene of Rey and Veffidas relaxing. The colors, the pose, the wonderful matching (though cropped) background, everything about this is great. Except one thing - there is some SERIOUSLY bad fading of the copier lines. Just for fun, I tried to edit them a little on the computer. Click HERE to see something closer to how the cel appeared in the series.

Diamond Force

Well, here's one of the ships from Diamond Force (Gamlin's team). The cel itself is long oversized, but the ship is only on the far left third of the cel. I love the airbrush effect!

Alice Holiday

This is a cel from Macross 7 of a relatively minor character named Alice Holiday. In my opinion she's basically the Celine Dion of the Macross 7 fleet. She's a singer who is supposed to be a chart topper who is feeling burnt out. She meets Mylene and the two of them give each other the confidence to go back to performing. She also shows up later in the series in minor roles. While she's not my favorite character, this is a very beautiful cel. I'm very impressed by the colors, especially in her lips and hair. I got this cel from Cel-mart.

Mylene Jenius

I bought these 4 cels from Cel-mart as a package. This is a cel of Mylene Jenius, arguably the most popular character in Macross 7 and one of the two leads. If you go looking for Macross 7 cels on the internet, she's almost the only character you can find. Mylene is pretty and all, but she's really not my favorite character. I actually do like this cel because she has a nice happy expression on her face. I also like the colors on this cel. I've always liked dark pastels (if that makes any sense to anyone). This cel is from episode 13.


Gamlin is SUCH a CUTIE!! I'm a Gamlin fan and proud of it. Okay, so maybe his hair could use a little work. ^_- But he's such a nice guy, so sweet to Mylene. He has this great yet somewhat stupid sense of self-sacrifice for his friends. He even makes friends with Basara, and that's no easy task. Sigh.

Myria Jenius

This is one of my favorite cels. It's a cel of Myria from Macross 7. It's from one of the rare episodes when she was piloting. She is SO cool. Of course sometimes she's a little annoying, but still, when she pilots with Max . . . sigh. And the end of the series was SO SWEET! They really do belong together. Anyway, it's a really pretty cel. Actually, all my Macross 7 cels are really pretty.

Maximillian Jenius

I GOT A CEL OF MAX!!! I'm SO happy! ^_^ He's still cute, even 35 years later. *sigh* Okay Myria, if you don't want him, I'll take him! ^_- Anyway, I got this cel from Anime Taro. It came with an unmatching pencil. The cel is one after the end cel. I know this because this cel is D9 and the pencil is D8 and says "End" on it. Very cool.


What a cel! It's a perfect cel of Veffidas. She's drumming. That's what she does. Not talking, drumming. I love the airbrushed speed lines from the drumsticks whizzing through the air. She's a drummer alright. ^_^ I got this cel from Asylum Comics at Project A-kon 9.

Rey Lovelock

The band wouldn't be complete withough Rey. He's the piano man. ^_^ Actually, this cel was used during the first concert (and other concerts thereafter) and was often visible on the advertisements for the CDs at the end of the LDs. Look's like he's getting ready to start. We should all shut up and listen.
"This one goes out to all the ladies out there."

Nekki Basara doing what he does best

This is another cel from the first concert on the first episode. Basara never looks so happy as he does when he's enjoying playing his music. ^_^ I got most of these cels at AX98.

Nekki Basara pouting

Nekki Basara. He's so cute when he's angry. ^_-

Nekki Basara

What do you mean? I've never even heard of a guy named Vegeta.

Mylene leans in

From the same sequence as those two Basara cels above, Mylene leans in toward Basara.

Basara and Mylene

Basara and Mylene continue to get on each other's nerves. Two cels from the same sequence as those above, but I think these ones actually go together.

The Flower Girl and Gamlin

"You're not Basara."

The Flower Girl doesn't actually say very much during the series, but she's in almost every episode. Her powerful obsession with giving Basara those flowers borders his own insanity. That's why I think they were made for each other. They're both nuts! ^_^ Gamlin is, of course, incredibly cute. This cel represents yet another step forward in my quest to have as many different characters from Macross 7 as possible. I got it from Asylum Comics at Animfest '98. Next on my list is Exedore.


NEW! I actually think this cel might be from Dynamite 7 ova. At any rate, it's a hilarious cel of Gamlin with flowers. Look closely, and you'll see that he's not just holding them. He's CRUSHING them. And check out the expression of pure anger/hatred on his face. Grrr. Love it!!


My sister and I always used to call Gavil "Dog-boy with wings" and I'm sure you can see why. I'm so glad I finally got a cel of him, and on sale! :)


Geperunich (Grapenut, however you spell his name ^_^) is the "villian" of Macross 7 television series. Actually, he's a posessed bishounen with a thing for black lipstick and big shoulder pads. That's okay, I can deal. This cel is also interesting because it was changed by the animators. The first time it was drawn and painted, the lips were made too large. On the pencil (douga) the lips were erased and redrawn, and on the cel the paint was scraped off in a circle around the lips and repainted. It's slightly visible on the front of the cel, but very much so on the reverse. Pretty cool! You get to see how the animators fix a screw-up.

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