Marmalade Boy

The race for Yuu!

I bought these two Marmalade Boy cels last year at A-kon 8. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the person or company I bought them from. Obviously my favorite character from this show is Satoshi Miwa.

This cel is a 3 layer setup. I've seen other cels of Miki and Miwa from the race, but this is the only one I've seen with the rest of the racers too. I really like the expression on Miwa's face. This is probably my favorite part of the series! I laughed so hard I thought I would make myself sick.

Satoshi Miwa

This is one of my favorite cels. It's the most beautiful picture of Satoshi Miwa that I've ever seen. The eyes are just gorgeous! The pencil is also gorgeous, but unfortunately it is bonded to the cel. I framed it anyway with the pencil attached. This is actually a 2 layer setup. The top cel is just the mouth -- it allowed the animators to animate the mouth for talking without having to recreate the entire face.

Yuu's boss

I bought these two cels of Yuu's boss from Anime Lane, just because I think he's cute. ^_^

Get set, go!

I recognize the scene this cel is from. It's from the episode where Tsutomu challenged Yuu and Ginta to a contest to see who could sell the most merchandise at the store. Naturally the loser had to shave his head. Guess who lost? It wasn't Yuu's boss, that's for sure.


First new Marmalade Boy cel in a while! Isn't this a cute Miwa cel? It's also from the race episode.

Yuu and ?

This isn't really a new cel - I've had it for several years, but I never scanned it until now. I wanted an inexpensive cel with Yuu in it. I think maybe the guy on the left is one of the characters from the New York story arc, but I can't remember his name.


NEW! Yay! Finally got a cute cel of Ginta. And on top of that it's a tennis cel! Nice action shot.

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