Nadia of the Mysterious Seas


Isn't this from the episode where Electra had her arm eaten off by pirhana, and then later replaced it with a harpoon? Oh, wait, never mind. Cels from Nadia are expensive and hard to find, but I really like the anime. I got this very nice cel of Electra from Kev's Cel Page. You can place this cel sometime before episode 8, because of the mask that she is holding in her hand. I might be willing to trade this cel for a nice cel of Nemo, but that's about it. ^_-


This cel and the one below are a fine matched pair! This is Hanson, the scientific mind who built the Gratan, and fell in love with Electra. Together, he and Sanson made up Gradis' gang, originally trying to steal the Blue Water, but soon finding themselves fighting alongside Nemo against Neo-Atlantis.


Okay, okay. I don't want to hear about cradle robbing here. I happen to like Sanson a lot! He's pretty darn cool, even if he is a little ego-centric. He's a sharp shooter and a sharp dresser, although he drives like a maniac. Unfortunately, this cel is stuck to the pencil. I got both this cel and the one above from Asylum Comics at A-kon 10. I couldn't resist!


I got a cute Jean cel! I actually got it from Take it Easy, a Japanese cel dealer online. It was my first all-Japanese language transaction since coming to Japan.

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