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Cels from Nintama Rantarou deserve something a little more cheerful than a black backgroud. I've become a HUGE fan of this series, in both the manga and anime forms. I've also made a very, very detailed webpage with information about the series, episodes, CDs, and characters. If you'd like to learn more, please visit Ninjutsu Gakuen. And if you happen to have any cels from this series, you know who to call. ^_^

NEW!! This page has been divided into subpages. Please follow the links below! Most of the cels have finally been scanned except for some sequence mates and one incredible ugly samurai. Many of the newer cels I got were rolled up when I got them and there is some damage to a couple of the cels because of this. There are also many oversized cels (very oversized, over 3ft wide!). However, most of those cels only have images on a small portion of the cel itself. I only scanned the part of those cels that had an image on them. Those images are taken at the same scale as the other cels - nothing has been shrunk or enlarged.

Sannin-gumi cels (Rantarou, Kirimaru, and Shinbei together)
Ran-Kiri-Shin, alone and in pairs
Ichinen-hagumi cels (Rantarou's class)
Doi-sensei and Yamada-sensei cels
Other Teacher cels
Kunoichi cels
Cels from certain episodes
Cels from certain episodes pt 2
Other Guest Characters
Rough Drawings/Genga
Eiga Nintama Rantarou! The Movie!

I finally bothered to scan the pictures I took of the cels at the Ninja museum in Iga-Ueno, Mie Prefecture. I can't recommend visiting there highly enough! Not only for fans of Nintama,but also for anyone interested in historical ninjas. It's one of the most completely biligual museums I've seen in Japan, even if it is small.

Nintama Cels at Iga-Ueno!

AMAKO Soubee's Signature

This is a signboard with a drawing of Rantarou and the signature of AMAKO Soubee, the creator of Rantarou. I'm SO excited to have this!

Nintama Rantarou Design Sketch book

This is not a cel, but it is cel-related. This is a book of character and set designs from the Nintama Rantarou anime. It's an incredible book!

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