Hell Teacher Nube

Nueno-sensei, aka Nube

I've searched for a nice Nube cel for a while, and finally found this one that I bought from Marisa Price. The Oni-hand never looked so good!


I got this cel of Tamamo from Anime Lane. It's not the greatest pic I've seen, but at least it's Tamamo. He's cool, a yohko who originally wanted to steal the skull of Hiroshi (one of Nube's kids at school). But he's really not such a bad guy after all.

Nube, burning with passion!

I got this cel of Nube from Anime Chaos. It's just such a cute cel! I can just imagine a wall of flame behind him.

animated gif

Wow! I got this cel from Anime World Star, as well as the one below! They are a perferct matched pair, and came together. Tamamo as a yohko. Maybe from episode 7? If so, then most of this cel was never actually seen in the episode. See the animated gif to the left. The final cel of the hand looks like it might be my cel. Usually they wouldn't bother to paint an entire pan if they weren't planning to use it - maybe they changed their minds at the last second? If this is the correct scene, then he's just about to try to take Hiroshi's skull!

Nube, ready to rumble

Here's Nube! This is from the same sequence as my first cel, at the top of this page! These two new cels are oversized, too big to fit in a B4 -size cel book. But they look SO cool next to each other!

Opening cel

This is a scene from the opening credits (Nube has one of my favorite opening credits sequences of any recent series). Nube walks out of the fire and smoke that have engulfed the school.


Here's a nice cel of Yukime, the snow woman who falls head over heels for our favorite partially-posessed teacher. I love the PINK aura airbrushed onto this cel! I scanned it against a black backgroud to accentuate the airbrushing. From episode 45.


And the award for most melodramatic scene goes to YUKIME! Unfortunately, part of her leg was painted over the front of the cel, and some paper got stuck to it so it looks a little strange. From the episode with Yukibe (I forgot to write down the episode number.)


One of my favorite long-haired yohko. A nice close-up of Tamamo-sensei with his hair pulled back. Episode 7.


And an even cooler scene of Tamamo with his hair streaming out behind him. He looks particularly evil in this cel! Tamamo was using an illusion to confuse Nube, but I know which one is mine! The farthest left Tamamo is the one on my cel. Episode 6.

Nube and Yukime

Nube and Yukime embrace in a sweet moment. This cel had some backlighting effect - the black is on a different cel than the characters (see below). From episode 45.

Nube and Yukime

Same cel, without the black layer added. From episode 45.


An extremely upset Nube. This cel has a LOT of emotion. The blue color is actually airbrushed all over the back of the cel. From episode 43.

Keseranpaseran (or however you spell it) to the rescue!

This is a really sweet, cute scene. Nube and the kids were in terrible danger - they were literally hanging off the side of a burning building. But thankfully Miki (not pictured in this cel) had the sense to sacrifice her personal wishes and use the keseranpaseran (I have no idea how to spell it - it's a little fluffball that can fufill desires) in order to save her teacher and friends.

Some of the kids

This is just a nice cel of some of the kids in Nube's 5th grade class (and a younger sister). I figured it was about time for me to start getting some cels of the kids. From left to right, the 5th graders are Kyoko, Hiroshi, and Katsuya, and the girl is Katsuya's sister (I can't remember her name).


Ever wonder what Nube and Yukime's kids might look like? Look no further than Yukibe!


If my doctor was as cute as Tamamo, I'd find any excuse to go to his office!


This is Zashiki-warashi, a spirit who looks like a doll and normally goes from home to home bringing good luck. She becomes attached to Nube and tries to help him and the people around him. Most people can't see her. She's very cute! I would love to get a cel of her eating senbei.

Awsome Nube

This is a cool scene of Nube.

Don't put it on!

In the movie "Nube Dies as Midnight", this student (I think his name was Jun) had a magic clown mask - when he put it on, the clown from the mirror world could posess him. This is a great cel, although it's a little dirty. I should rescan it after I clean it better.

Fun field trip!

Believe it or not, this is a cel that's been on my wishlist for a long, long time. I even have an old screencap from this sequence on my computer. When Nube's class went on a field trip, everyone was having a great time in the bus except Nube. It's so cute!!

Snake-woman Miki

I finally broke down and bought this cel from Anime Chaos. It's a really nifty cel of Miki with a snake-woman neck. Kind of a fun ability if you ask me.

Nube and Akira

Another AC sale cel. I thought about buying it for a while before I bought it. I really loved this story - I thought it was really sweet and a little sad. It's a shame that Akira (the kid with the glasses) didn't get many more stories. In this story, everything he did kept getting ruined. First his bike got destroyed, and then he tried to enter a scultpure contest to win a new one and his entry kept getting destroyed. It all turned out that it had to do with a near-death experience he had as a child. Good episode. This is one of the only cels I've seen from that episode, which is why I bought it despite only seeing Akira's back.

Nube and Minako-sensei

This is my one prize from Anime Chaos' 80% off sale. Now that I have it I'm thrilled! Cute Nube as a young boy with the teacher he idolized (and had a crush on).

Nube and Yukime

I took one look at this gorgeous pan cel at Asylum Anime and had to have it! Yukime vs Nube. She's got his hand frozen. There's a little line fading, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a Toei cel.

Tamamo injured

NEW! Poor Tamamo. :(


NEW! The next set of scans are all from a set of genga drawings I won from YJ auctions. They were all drawn by Mr. Tomoyuki Matsumoto, a Key Animator in the Nube series. Even though Studio Junio isn't listed anywhere I can find as having worked on Nube, Mr. Matsumoto must have been working at Studio Junio since the paper has the Junio logo in the bottom right corner. This one is interesting - it's a drawing of Yukime, but on the back is a transmittal letter...

Transmittal letter

NEW! This letter says that Mr. Matsumoto has enclosed a number of drawings (genga and douga) for a show called "Oushajou". I had absolutely no idea what "Oushajou" referred to. Was it a Nube episode? Was it something completely different?

A main character from The Osha Castle Tragedy

NEW! After a little searching I discovered that "Oushajou" was referring to "The Osha Castle Tragedy", an anime feature for which Mr. Matsumoto was the animation director. Also included in the set of sketches I received for Nube was this one, which also had a letter on the back. I didn't recognize the character, however, when I found a webpage for the Osha Castle Tragedy anime, I quickly realized that this is the female character on the DVD cover image. Cool!

Kyoko and Miki

NEW! The rest of the drawings were all from Hell Teacher Nube. There seem to be a couple of distinct scenes. First up, a set of drawings of Kyoko and Miki.

Kyoko and Miki running from a monster

NEW! And here are Kyoko and Miki again, running from a monster or demon or ghost of some kind.

The Beast

NEW! This is a nice detail of the creature chasing them

Kyoko and Miki still running

NEW! Some more Kyoko and Miki running action, this time without the monster.

Run, Miki, Run!

NEW! And more running. Kyoko is only a partial drawing.

Don't look back!

NEW! And Kyoko with the monster right behind her. So cool!

Demon Hand

NEW! Nice closeup of Nube's demon hand.

Saving the day

NEW! And Nube saves the day again. Not sure who he's holding. Maybe Kyoko.


NEW! Happy cheers for another happy ending.

School days

NEW! This is a picture of the outside of the school building. Not very exciting compared to the other drawings.


NEW! This is just a cute, slightly shaded picture of Nube standing in front of what looks like a classroom door or something.


NEW! Next is a bunch of Tamamo vs. Nube drawings. I'm pretty sure most if not all of these are from eps. 6 or 7.

Get your guard up!

NEW! Nube and Tamamo

Such a pretty-boy

NEW! Tamamo. So cute!

Extreme Closeup!

NEW! Closeup of an angry-looking Tamamo

My closeup is more extreme than yours!

NEW! And closeup of angry-looking Nube. Such beautiful symmetry.

I believe I can fly

NEW! Shock! He almost looks like he's falling backwards.


NEW! Beware the Oni fist of extreme power!

You'll never stop me!

NEW! Tamamo's sure upset about something.

Radiating power

NEW! I don't think those are stink lines. :D Maybe he's winding up for the power punch.


NEW! Awesome! I think they're foxes, like Tamamo, but not entirely sure.


NEW! This was the only pan-drawing in the bunch. Nube surrounded by the kids. What a cute, confused look! Yes, there was nasty brown no-longer-sticky scotch tape holding this together. :P

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