Okie dokie, here's a quiz for you Patlabor fans. Which main characters are missing from this page? (my answers at bottom) If they're not here, I want them! If you have Patlabor cels for sale, or know of any, let me know!

Patlablr movie cel

NEW! This is a cel from one of the Patlabor movies - from the first one I think. Nice atmosphere, my first cel of any of the labors.


Gotoh, alive, awake, alert, and enthusiastic. Hell must have frozen over.

Or maybe he's just happy to be so close to Shinobu (so he can drive her nuts). ^_^


Shinobu, down to business. Or maybe just pissed off at Gotoh. It's so hard to tell. ^_^

Asuma Shinohara

Asuma, asleep at the helm. How is he supposed to direct Noa with his eyes closed?

I got all three Patlabor cels at AX98, and now I'm kicking myself for not getting some others. Such is life. ^_^

Gotoh and what's her name

I got this wonderful cel of Gotoh and Takeo Kumagami from Ed Noonchester at AX99. Patlabor is such a great series!

Utsumi/Richard Wong

First new Patlabor cel I've gotton in a while. This is Utsumi (aka Richard Wong), the mind behind the Griffin project, and Takeo's old boyfriend. I used to call him "smiling guy" because he almost ALWAYS has that same grin on his face.

Noa Izumi

I guess Noa and Asuma have a common problem. Maybe they should get to bed earlier. Actually, I just wanted to have one cel of Noa for completion's sake, and this was cute and inexpensive. Cels of Noa always cost so much! I also got this cel from ?? at AX99.


This is a cute cel of Mikiyasu Shinshi (with Noa), the poor guy who's wife isn't very understanding. But don't you DARE say that to his face. He's scary when he's mad. ^_^ I got this cel from Kev's Cel page.


This is another cute cel of Shinshi, and this time he's got his eyes open, even though he's cut off the edge. I also got this cel from Kev's Cel page.


You might call Isao Ohta trigger happy. You might also call him a big, ugly, obnoxious guy, but I wouldn't recommend it. Actually, I like Ohta's honesty, and his sense of duty. Again, I got this cel from Kev's Cel page.

Answers: I still need cels of Kanuka Clancy, Hiromi Yamazaki, Bud, and Sakaki. And probably some other characters I'm not thinking of right now.

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