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characters from Ranma 1/2

What insanity possessed me to buy this cel? I don't know! It was a lot more expensive than most of the cels I own, especially considering that I don't even collect Ranma. And yet, I took one look at it and realized that if I bought this cel, I would never have to buy another Ranma cel for as long as I live. It's got most of my favorite characters on it in cute poses! Genma-panda, Happousai, Soun, Ranma, Ryouga, Mousse, and Shampoo jumping in the back. How freaking cute is this cel!?! I love the little sign Genma is holding - "Iyadaa", "No way"

Ranma, Mousse, and Ryouga

I thought I wasn't going to buy any more Ranma cels, but here I am with another. I just thought it was cute. Ranma, Mousse, and Ryouga. The highlight on their faces is on a separate correction layer.


NEW! I'm not an expert on Ranma, but I think this might be from an OVA or something. At any rate, it's a pretty nice cel of Akane.


NEW! Like so many other hopeless fangirls, Ryouga is one of my favorite characters in Ranma 1/2. This is a pretty nice cel, although his nose looks a little funny.


NEW! This cel was the main reason I wanted to get these three cels that were sold as a set. This is just such a cute Ryouga cel - I love the expression!

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