Nurse Angel Ririka


This is the nicest cel I've ever seen of Kanon! It's a little close for my personal tastes, but still very nice. I got it from ExCel Anime, a wonderful place to get cels from many different shoujo series!

Nurse Angel Ririka

This is a really pretty cel of Ririka in her Nurse Angel costume. I got it from Anime Taro. IMHO, Ririka cels are some of the most beautiful anime cels I've seen.

Dewey blushing

I never thought I would be able to own a cel of Dewey, not to mention such a nice cel! I am eternally grateful to the seller. This is such a CUTE cel of Dewey blushing. It's number A4-END. A couple of minor defects, but very little line-fading (just a little in his scarf).

Evil Dewey!

NEW! Not only did I get the Dewey cel above, but now I've got this one too! This is a nice scene of Dewey in his Dark Joker costume! You can even see the mark on his hand. I love the see-through hair and wink!

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