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Romeo and Piccolo

I know some people who love this series, others who hate it, but most who have never heard of it. I was introduced to it (Romio no Aoi Sora) through the Technogirl's fansub. This is one of the more recent of the World Masterpeice Theater series produced by Nippon Animation. Unfortunately, WMT ended with Homeless-child Remi in 1997. I enjoyed Romeo from the first episode I ever saw, and eventually decided to buy the entire series on LD. I found this cel of Romeo and Piccolo (the rodent, not the Namekseijin) in the bargain basement at I immediately jumped at the chance to buy it. It's from a scene during the last 10 minutes of the last episode of the series [minor SPOILER] when Romeo was saying goodbye to Dante. [end minor SPOILER]. I am desperately seeking additional cels from this series, of almost any character. I would especially like to find cels of Alfredo(!), Angeletta, Bianca, Dante, Nikita, and Giovanni.


I got this cel of Romeo and the Angeletta cel below from Taku's Closet Sale. I also got another cute Romeo cel, but I gave it to my sister. This cel is from the third episode? I think, right after Romeo dived into the river to save Alfredo's bag. Alfredo loaned him his bandanna to dry off, and that's what's around Romeo's neck.


I think this is a really pretty cel of Angeletta. She looks happy.


Here's a nice, happy Romeo with a sort of "sunset" feel to it. I got this cel and some of the others below from Anime Taro.


I like this cel's sad, almost angsty feel. It's amazing what animators can accomplish just by changing a few flat colors. Compare this profile to the one at the top with Piccolo and you can see the difference.

Romeo and Angeletta

This is a cute cel of Romeo and Angeletta. Romeo just got home after helping the Black Brothers in a rumble with the Wolf Pack. "Just how hard did you get hit, Romeo?" Notice Romeo is wearing the cross that Angeletta gave him just before the fight.


This is a cel of Alfredo, the other 'main' character. He was always the mature, quiet leader, who Romeo idolized. He's my favorite character.

Alfredo and Bianca

This is a cel of Alfredo and his sister Bianca from an intense moment in episode 28 of the series. The background that came with this cel is beautiful. I especially love the way the trees in the background were done. Unfortunately, someone who owned this cel in the past used clear tape to attach the cel to the background. Over time the tape became brittle, yellow, and not-sticky, and unfortunately it left an ugly black mark on the front of the background. I removed the tape, but I can't really do anything about the residue left behind. It's still beautiful though. Because the background is so large, I had to scan it in pieces and put it together digitally. That's why there appear to be small chunks missing from the edges in places.

Alfredo and Nikita

"Should I call you La Femme Nikita?"

This is an important scene from episode 17. In fact, a thumbnail of this exact image was used on the laserdisc inside jacket for vol 3. The background is perfect! The cel is perfect! When I got this cel, I was so excited. I especially love the slight blush on Nikita's face. Same scanner problems as the previous background, but less noticable on this one.


This is Dante, one of the other chimney sweeps and one of the first people Romeo and Alfredo met on their way to Milan.

Black Brothers

These are some of the other chimney sweeps. I can't remember all their names right now.

A little rat

I can't remember his name right now either. He's one of the kids in the Wolf Pack. Something the Rat.

Nikita, duck!

Nikita, ducking as a sword swings overhead.

Hungry Wolves

Some members of the Wolf pack. Can't remember the kid on the left's name, but the big guy is Tachioni (don't ask me how to spell it), and of course, Nikita on the right.


I can't remember his name, but he's one of the Wolf Pack. He's really cool, and this is actually from the scene where they were each introducing themselves as they fought another gang.

A Fantasy of Bianca

This is a cel of Alfredo's sister, Bianca. This is from one of his day dreams he has of her. She looks like an angel. Looks can be deceiving, though. ^_-

Romeo's mother

Here's Romeo's mother, one of the less attractive character designs in this series.

The Countess

This is Angeletta's benefactor. We'll leave it at that, since I don't feel like going into those kind of spoilers.

Alfredo, Romeo, and Giovanni!

Whoo-hoo!! I finally got a cel with Giovanni on it! I swear, I really think he's part Saiyajin - a young Vegeta-wannabe. He's got the attitude, the hair, and the fighting skill!


Here's another cel of Dante.

Romeo and ?

This is a cel of Romeo and one of the other sweeps.

I'm too sexy

Oh my bag is packed, I'm ready to go. I'm standing here outside your door. Already I'm so lonesome I could cry.

Can't. . .breath. . .hack, hack

Here's a lovely cel of Romeo, coughing his way up the inside of a chimney.


I think he's got that "deer caught in the headlights" look in this cel. Actually, I think maybe he just pulled himself out of the chimney for the first time and he's admiring the view of Milan.

Opening cel

This is a cel from the WONDERFUL opening credits of Romeo's Blue Skies, "Sora e. . ." (To the Sky). In this scene, Romeo is standing staring into the sky, into the future, into the distance. Kinda like Sakamoto Ryoma.

Evil bastich

New! What a creep! Taking Bianca hostage is such a cowardly way to get what you want.

A moment of peace

New! This is just a perfect Alfredo moment. I love this cel!

Major Spoiler Alert

This cel is a huge spoiler for the end of the series. It's not a happy spoiler. To see this cel, click on the image to the left to go to a special page for this cel.

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