Gensomaden Saiyuki

Hakkai and Sanzo reproduction cel

This is a hand painted reproduction cel from the Saiyuki movie "Requiem". Because no cels were used in the animation of this movie or this series, there are no production cels. This cel shows Hakkai and Sanzo in a scene from the beginning of the movie. It came with the green mat and purple background.

Hakkai and Sanzo reproduction cel

Yeah, I know, I probably destroyed the collectible value of this cel by removing it from its mat and background. However, I didn't like the fact that the cel was attached using cellophane tape (which would turn yellow and brittle in a few years), and I also wanted to see the whole cel. Besides, I know that green and purple are the colors used for those two characters in the merchandise, but gosh darn it, I keep thinking of Barney the Dinosaur. The cel itself is oversized, and in the upper right corner it is numbered I 110.

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