Gourry, Lina, Ameria, and Sheilfiel

This was the first Slayers cels I ever got. This cel is a 4 layer setup -- each character is on their own cel. I only have two of the pencils that go with this cel.


Ask and ye shall receive. ^_^ I got this cel at A-kon 9 from Anime Pavillion. It's from the scene in the first series where Zelgadiss is fighting the copy-Rezo. I'd actually bought the cel before I'd seen that episode, so it was really fun watching and suddenly realizing, "Look, there's my cel!"

Gourry jumps

He gets a 10 for style. Gourry, sword of light in hand, jumps to avoid the shock wave from the Howling Sword while fighting Zangulus deep in Rezo's hidden sanctuary. By advancing a frame at a time, we were able to determine that the cel of Gourry doesn't quite match up with the cel of the shock wave, but we were able to find the exact scene with the shock wave a moment away from this scene. This is another cel I got from Anime Pavillion at A-kon 9.

The Knife and the Statue

This cel is from the very beginning of the first Slayers series. Lina is holding two objects, a cursed knife and an orihalcon statue. Which one are the bad guys after? I got this cel at AX98.

If you haven't noticed by now, I tend to really like novelty cels from scenes I can identify. ^_^


I tell you, I have such a time trying to find a nice cel of Xelloss. I got this one from Asylum Comics at A-kon 9. It's from Slayers NEXT. Xellos in a tree, minus the tree. A very CUTE cel.

Gourry Gabriev

This is an incredibly CUTE cel of Gourry looking completely confused. I got it from Asylum Comics at Animfest '98.

Zangulus vs. Gourry!

UPDATE! This is an oversized cel of Zangulus fighting Gourry in the street from the first Slayers series. I had a lot of trouble scanning this cel, and had to do it in four parts and then stitch it together using software. I finally rescanned and recreated the image, and it's now INFINITELY better than the old one. I love this cel. It's one of my favorites, a very dynamic image. I got it from Asylum Comics at Animefest '98.

Good Dog!

I'm pretty sure this is from Slayers, but I don't know the character's name. I've had it for several years, but never bothered to scan it until now.

Dark Gourry!

Hoo-boy! The only cel I bought at A-kon 15, but well worth it. Gourry, looking much more sinister than usual.


NEW! If this were a pan cel, I'd never be able to afford it in a million, bajillion years. As it is, it's an amazing, amazing drawing of Xelloss. I'm so happy I got it!!

Xelloss correction layer

NEW! This is the green correction layer from the drawing above. I wouldn't have bothered scanning it if the face wasn't so nice! It's actually two sheets, taped across the lower half.

Background A-tome layer

NEW! And this is the A-tome layer for the Xelloss drawing. Pretty cool!!!

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