Sailor Moon

Black Lady

This is the only cel of Chibi Usa that you are going to find in my collection. ^_^ I really like this cel. Unfortunately, there is fading of the copier lines especially around her eyes and face. I've seen several similar cels of Black Lady on the market in the past few months. However, even though the image on this cel is small, I think it's one of the best I've seen. It's perfectly centered and I think the image is very dynamic and well balanced. I find it aesthetically pleasing. And I love the Luna P. To me, that just makes the cel.


This is a great cel. Original backgroud, multilayer setup. The water from the shower is a separate, unstuck cel. If we could see any more of Seiya, this would have to be on an adult server. ^_^ I got both this cel and the Black Lady cel from Planet Anime in Houston. I really lucked out. Some of their cels get ruined from being left out and some have faded from being displayed on the store walls. These ones had just arrived from Japan, and I think I got good prices on them.

Seiya and Usagi

This cel is from Sailor Stars. I originaly only had this one Sailor Moon cel with no plans to get more (at least that's what I said -- ^_^). I bought this one because I liked the expressions on the characters' faces. I also love Seiya and I thought this was a really nice picture of him. The background is an original that came with the cel.


Okay, so I said no more Sailor Moon cels. So I lied. ^_^ But come on, you have to admit that Yuichiiro (aka "Chad" -- Right on dude!) is REALLY cute in a scruffy kind of way. I got this cel from Anime Lane. It's from Sailor Moon S.

"Uh, Rei? Like, your hair almost caught on fire there. Maybe you should tie it back. Yeah, that would be a good idea. Wyld Stallions Rule!"

Sorry, I had a bad flashback there. That's what happens when I think of "Chad". ^_^ Actually, I really liked the way he went after Haruka in this episode even though he thought Rei had left him but he wanted to protect her anyway. So sweet! ^_^

Yuichiiro and Rei's grandfather

NEW! I really thought I would never buy another Sailor Moon cel. Really. But this was so stupid and silly that I decided to buy it anyway. The cel pretty much speaks for itself. According to Keys (thank you!), it's from SMR season, from the episode where Rei fights Cooan.

Iron Mouse

This is a cel of Iron Mouse from Sailor Stars. I got it from Cel-mart. She included it free with my order. It's actually a pretty nice cel, except that's it's missing some paint on her hat. It's still a really cute cel.

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