Tokyo Babylon


Look deep, deep into my eyes. I may rescan this against a black background. Another surprisingly inexpensive Seishirou cel. I love it! He looks much more dangerous in this cel.


Muah-hah-hah-hah-ha! ^_^ I finally got a cel of Seishirou! Okay, so he's not balancing on top of a tall, pointy object with a spirit bird on his shoulder while his hair whips in the wind. I can live with this cel. It's from a cute moment in the first OVA. Guess how much I paid for this cel?? 400 yen!! I found it in a pile of miscellaneous stuff, completely overlooked and underappreciated. ^^ Well, I appreciate it. And it's not for sale or trade, so don't bother asking.


NEW! Another Seishirou! Another junk cel from the unknown pile. This one is really cute! I love domestic Sei-chan with groceries. Just look at those sweet eyes!

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