Shoujo Kakumei Utena

I love these Utena cels. Utena is one of my favorite series to come out in the past few years. I love the artwork and the character designs. Touga is one of the most attractive characters in the show. I just wish there were more cels available.
Kaoru Miki

Hee hee hee! I got a cel of Miki with his stopwatch! For a long time after I got this cel, it was the only cel of Miki that I had seen available on the internet. And it's still one of the very few cels I've seen of him with his stopwatch. I got both this cel and the cel of Touga from Anime Taro.


NEW! I totally forgot that I even owned this cel! I don't even know when I bought it. It's not a bad cel of Mikage.

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