Yuu Yuu Hakushou

Kuwabara's Back

This is a cel of Kuwabara's back. I know, I know. Not that impressive. I may well be the only person on earth who likes Kuwabara the best of the 4 guys. Does that make me strange? I just think he's really a nice guy, the nicest guy of the four. He and Yukina are a cute couple. ^_^ And any guy who likes cats that much gets an extra bonus in my book.

Koenma, Yuusuke's mom, Yuusuke, and Botan

This is another cel I got a little while ago. I don't have many YYH cels yet. This is Koenma, Yuusuke's mom, Yuusuke, and Botan. Yuusuke's still dead at this point in the series, and his mom's drunk. Unfortunately for him, that put her out of the running as a candidate to bring him back to life.

What the. . .?

Believe it or not, I think this is a pretty neat cel. It's from the eyecatch that shows during each episode of the show. Little SD Yuusuke and friends stood below and popped the characters as they fell from the sky.

Yuusuke getting angry

NEW! This is one of those things I've had for a long time and never got around to scanning until now. It's a pretty nice drawing of Yuusuke from early in the series.

Random Ogre?

NEW! This is a little image of an oni. I don't know what scene this is from - I assume it's from a scene with Koenma, but more than that I have no idea.

Random Ogre?

NEW! And another from the same sequence.

? No idea

NEW! This is a drawing that came with all the other YYH stuff I have. I assume it's also from YYH, though I don't recall who it is or what scene it might be. Anyone know?

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