The THIRD incarnation of the DBZML/Dragonballz ML

Welcome to the official homepage of the DBML3 (formerly DBZML), a mailing list devoted to discussion of all things Dragon Ball. This includes discussion of the original Dragon Ball manga, the Dragon Ball/Z anime, and the DBGT series, as well as fan art, fanfiction, and doujinshi. Topics related to other of Toriyama Akira's works are also encouraged for discussion.

The DBML3 is largely aimed at those who don't know a lot about the series -- members should feel comfortable asking basic questions, but don't be surprised if what you get are hyperlinks to comprehensive pages about Dragon Ball. I would recommend the following sites:

If this isn't enough for you -- I don't know what would be!!

Be prepared for a lot of email!! The DBML3 can generate hundreds of messages a day, when discussion gets heated -- sometimes it's silent, but that's rare and only usually at the beginning of a semester. If you think you will have trouble dealing with such a high volume of email, please subscribe to the digest version of the DBML3 -- it compiles all the messages of the day into one big email message and sends it to you sometime in the middle of the night.

The DBML3 is a closed list. However, I will, at least temporarily, subscribe users of AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. However, if I find that there are too many problems, I reserve the right to reinstitute the previous restrictions regarding those types of accounts.

As the ML is a closed list, subscription has to be approved by the Moderator. This means that when you subscribe to the list, you must wait for an approval before you are actually placed on the list. THERE ARE ALSO NEW RULES AND REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN THE MAILING LIST. PLEASE READ THE RULES AND SUBSCRIPTION INFO ON THE NEXT PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

DBML3 Rules and Subscription Info

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