There are many, many characters in Hamidashikko. Some, such as Ada or Sidney, are characters who reappear several times throughout the series. Eventually, hopefully, I'll have a chance to include them on this page. For now, here is some info about our four main characters.


Graham has dark hair and dark eyes, and he always likes to wear dark colored clothes. His full name is Saza* Graham Dalton, and his birthday is December 26. In dreams and sometimes even when he's awake during less serious moments, he turns into an SD penguin! So cute! In some of the more silly stories, he's even got a whole flock of little Graham-penguins who help him out. He loves music and playing the piano, despite his, ummm, overzealous father. Graham's right eye was accidentally injured when he was younger, and he had a bad relationship with his family afterward. Graham is the oldest of the four, and in many ways the most mature. He feels responsible for the others, especially Max. Yet, despite his usual calm demeanor, I often think Graham is the least stable of them all. . .


Angie is a handsome young man who usually has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. His right leg is somewhat lame, which causes him various degrees of difficulty throughout the manga. Angie's (as in "angel") real name is Lifeelu Sutea*, and he's a few months younger than Graham; his birthday is March 22. Angie is good at just about anything he does. He's also very vain, usually wearing frilly shirts, and later wears his hair long. When Angie was little, his mother left him with relatives and rarely came to visit him. When he finally went to find her, he found out he was her "love child", and ran away, eventually meeting Sarnin. Angie has a short temper, and seems willing to take just about any drastic course of action necessary to protect his friends.


Sarnin is a tough little kid with an explosive temper. He also has a real soft spot for animals. His real name is Michael Thomas, and he's about 3 years younger than Graham, born on September 17. He almost always wears the same style clothes - a shirt with horizontal stripes. Of the three others, he's probably closest to Angie. He loves birds and horses. When he was younger, he had a pet bird named "Sarnin". Sarnin loved his mother very much, but she died in the snow. Is it just me, or does Sarnin look a lot like the self-portrait of Jun Mihara in the image gallery?


Max is the baby of the group. He's very open with his emotions, and very trusting of people in general. His real name is Max Leina*, and surprisingly, he's only about 2 months younger than Sarnin, with his birthday on November 4. Max is just plain cute, and what's more, he's cute without trying to be cute. But even sweet little Max has his own dark past. His father seems to have hated him, said terrible things to him, and went so far as to try to kill him. Max has very low self esteem - he doesn't care about himself at all. But he idolizes the others, especially Graham. Because he is so innocent, the others go to great lengths to try to protect him.

* Note regarding Romaji
When a character's name is provided in Romaji by the manga, such as Sarnin, I know for certain how it should be spelled. Other names are easy to guess, such as Michael. However, in most cases I only have katakana, and so I have to make my best guess. If anyone has a better Romanization than Saza, or if anyone can guess what would be the most correct spelling of Angie's name, or if anyone can tell me how Max's last name is supposed to be spelled, I'd be forever grateful! Please e-mail me at the address below if you have any ideas.

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