**Translation notes:     In these translations, a line of Japanese text is immediately followed by an English translation, for each box or word balloon. The indicated speaker is separated by a colon from the Japanese test. I have abbreviated the four main characters as follows: A=Angie, G=Graham, S=Sarnin, and M=Max. Page numbers refer to the page in the Hamidashikko bunko. The page numbers are different if you are referring to the tankoban or anthologies.

Thanks to Narumi de Saule Pleureur for providing me with the correct spelling of ange.

To the best of my knowledge, there are currently no other English translations of any of Jun Mihara's works. Although my Japanese is not the best, I have made it my *long term* goal to translate parts of Hamidashikko. I plan to start with a couple of the short stories, specifically those that will not suffer from being read out-of-order with respect to the rest of the manga. If my Japanese improves, I hope to eventually translate more. In addition, there is an article from one of the Hana to Yume magazines that I would like to try to translate.

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