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There many wonderful, fun, and cute anime (and manga) for kids. Sometimes I think the fans forget that not all anime is made for angst-ridden teenagers and horny adults. This is a webring for all those great series enjoyed by kids (and kids-at-heart): Doraemon, Anpanman, Ojarumaru, etc.

If you have a website that you think belongs in this ring, please submit it! The only requirements are that the site must be primarily about an anime or manga series aimed at children in preschool/early elementary school, and the site must not contain any adult content. To submit your site to this ring, please follow this link:

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About Jampan: She's mine! I created her. She's not from any anime or manga, but design elements are based on the Anpanman series. Please don't use her without permission, thanks!

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