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There are a lot of children's books for Nintama Rantarou. I have a few of different kinds. There are many books I don't have yet that I want, including books based on Rakudai Ninja Rantarou (the manga). I'll update as I buy more!

Eiga Nintama Rantarou pamphlet
NEW! This is the movie pamphlet for the Nintama Rantarou movie. It's got a lot of great pictures and information about the movie, as well as the associated features Toilet Hanako and Hamuko Mairu!
Rantarou no Ninja no Sekai
This is another WONDERFUL book. It's called "Rantarou no Ninja no Sekai", "Rantarou's World of Ninjas" and it's a non-fiction book about real ninjas in Japan. And since it's a children's book, I can actually read it!
desgin sketch book
This is an AWESOME book. It contains sketches of character designs and layouts of the rooms and areas of Ninjutsu Gakuen. It's even got things like names of the "extra" hagumi characters, and a secret about one of the pictures of a kunoichi in the original opening credits. I'm so happy that I have this book!
movie-based seal picture book
This is a picture book based on the Nintama Rantarou movie. It's a young children's book, but it's really awesome! It's called a "seal" picture book, but the "seals" are actually like Colorforms! You stick them on the pages at the right parts of the story, and then you can remove them and stick them in other parts of the book and make your own scenes. It's fun!
maze picture book
This is a picture book full of simple maze puzzles. This type of picture book is meant for the youngest children - it's printed on heavy cardboard stock.

coloring book

This is a great coloring book! It's full of wonderful pictures of not only the main characters (Ran-Kiri-Shin, Doi, and Yamada), but also pictures of Rikichi, other students, and even Hieta Happousai. The pictures are amusing and have cute captions too! If there's a demand, I'd consider scanning some of the inside pictures for people to color.


I don't know if this really counts as a book or not. It's a foam-covered notebook with a picture of Shinbei on the cover. It was given to me as a present. I know that there are similar books with Rantarou and Kirimaru on the covers.

anime book series vol 4, Arittake, Korettake no Dan

This is volume 4 of the anime book adaptations. These books are based on anime episodes, and are illustrated with screen caps from the anime. This book is based on the Arittake/Korettake mushroom episodes.

anime book series vol 20, Ninjutsu Gakuen Daiundoukai no Dan

This is volume 20 of the anime book adaptations. I hope to eventually collect all of these books and make a table similar to the table for the manga volumes. This book is called Ninjutsu Gakuen Daiundoukai (Field Day) no Dan. These are some of the episodes I haven't seen on TV yet!

anime book series vol 26, Meitantei Kirimaru!? no Dan

This is volume 26 of the anime book adaptations. This book is called Meitantei (Great Detective) Kirimaru no Dan. This is another story I haven't seen the anime version of yet!

Rakudai Ninja Rantarou book series vol 07, Nintama Sanningumi no Ayaushi! Asagohan to Uban

This is volume 07 of the Rakudai Ninja Rantarou book series, written and illustrated by Amako Soubee. These books are interesting! They are different stories than those in the manga series. The biggest difference between this series and the manga series is that Ichinen-hagumi has one teacher, Ooki Masanosuke-sensei! I don't know yet if any other characters have carried over from the manga, other than Hagumi, Ooki-sensei, and Gakuenchou. I definitely plan to get more of these books!

Rakudai Ninja Rantarou book series vol 21, Nintama to Yatte Kita Binbougami!!

This is volume 21 of the Rakudai Ninja Rantarou book series, written and illustrated by Amako Soubee. This is the most recent book in the series, released July, 2001.

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