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Ai ga Ichiban cover Ai ga Ichiban (Ishikawa Sayuri)

PCDA-01182, 99-7-16, Pony Canyon

This is a CD single for an ending theme to Nintama Rantarou, Ai ga Ichiban (Love is Number One/Love is First), sung by Ishikawa Sayuri, an enka artist. This is the only song on the CD, along with the karaoke version. For more information about enka and Ishikawa Sayuri, check out Barbara's Enka Site.

Dancing Junk cover Dancing Junk (Super Monkey's 4)

TODT-3018, 93-5-26, Toshiba Emi

This is the CD single for the first ending theme to Nintama Rantarou, Dancing Junk, sung by Super Monkey's 4. This is one of the only non-Pony Canyon Nintama-related CDs, and perhaps for that reason this version of this song is not included on any other CD or on the DVD version of Nintama Rantarou. The lead singer of this group was Namie Amuro (second from left), who has since gone on to have an extremely sucessful career as a solo artist. In fact, the "b" side of this CD is a song performed by Namie Amuro called "Rainbow Moon". This CD has four tracks, Dancing Junk, Dancing Junk karaoke, Rainbow Moon, and Rainbow Moon karaoke. It's worth having this CD just to be able to enjoy Dancing Junk in its original version.

Ya-Ya-yah cover Yuuki 100%/Sekai ga Hitotsu Naru made (Ya-Ya-yah)

PCCA-70004, 02-05-15, Pony Canyon

This is the CD single for the new version of Yuuki 100% and Sekai ga Hitotsu Naru Made by the extremely young teen group Ya-Ya-yah. These songs were first used during the 2002 season of Nintama Rantarou, the first time the opening credits have been changed since the show began.

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