Nintama Rantarou Goods

Clothes and Accessories

Be a Nintama too!

This is great! This is a child's Nintama Rantarou costume. It's made of vinyl, and comes with stickers to decorate the costume. The hood is cloth with a velcro fastener. I wish I were about 4 years old so I could wear it!! One of these days I'm going to buy one of those "my size" Barbies and dress it up like a Nintama!

An awsome shirt!

I received this as a present from the person from whom I bought the Karuta cards. This is the image on the front of a Rakudai Ninja Rantarou t-shirt. It's an adult large size, too!

The back

And this is the back of the shirt. Not only is it unusual to find a t-shirt with both front and back images, but the images match and are REALLY cute!

Cellphone strap

There are actually three of these straps, but I only have the Rantarou one. Combine it with the Nintama theme song and a background image, and you have the ultimate Nintama phone theme!

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