Shinbei's Lethal Hair (no, this doesn't have anything to do with Friends or Family)

Friends and Family

Rantarou's parents

Rantarou's parents are very poor, and have a small farm. His father is a common ninja, a fate that he doesn't want his son to share.

Shinbei's papa

Shinbei's father is a wealthy merchant who trades with overseas clients.


Kameko (Kame-chan) is Shinbei's little sister. Although she's only 5 years old, she seems to be a pretty smart kid.


Yamada Rikichi is the son of Yamada-sensei. He's 18 years old, and a "free ninja", meaning he does contract work. He certainly does seem to keep himself busy - he always has some kind of job to get back to at the end of every story. He's also very cool and handsome; maybe it skips generations. Rikichi is an extremely popular character, even though he isn't in every story.


Hyougo Daisan-kyoueimaru is a pirate. When Rantarou and the others first met him, he was wandering around in the mountains because he didn't know how to swim. Once they helped him to "learn", he returned to the sea. He has been known to provide seafood for the school, and also has had run-ins with the Dokutake Ninja.

The Priest at Kinrakuji

The Priest at Kinraku Temple is an old friend of Gakuenchou. He makes a number of appearances in the anime, though relatively few in the manga.


Hizenia Orin is not much of a friend. She's one of the greediest people in the series, on par with Kirimaru and Narukane Tochidaemon. But she has a cute black cat.


Hanabusa Makinosuke is not really much of a friend either. Makinosuke is a samurai in search of an epic confrontation with another swordsman with skill to equal his own. He decided that he had finally found his rival in Tobe-sensei.

Tafugai Genki

Tafugai Genki is a very big swordsman. He met Kirimaru and the others during a competition.

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