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Teachers and Staff at Ninjutsu Gakuen


Gakuenchou (his real name is Ookawa Heijiuzumasa) is literally the school principal. In his old age he's become a little senile (but not so much that he can't kick butt), but in his day he was a great ninja. In the anime, his best friend is Hemuhemu (see below). He also has many other old friends who occasionally appear in the series.

Nintama Rantarou manga

Nintama Rantarou manga


Hemuhemu of the anime and "Hemuhemu" of the primary manga are two totally different creatures. Hemuhemu of the manga is a dog that technically belongs to one of the occasional antangonists in the series, but later comes to Ninjutsu Gakuen and helps with a couple of storylines. In later volumes of the manga they don't even bother to call him "Hemuhemu" any more, but instead by his real name, "Zeni no Hana wa Shiroi Gou" (see Adversaries for more info!) However, in the anime Hemuhemu is a dog who is more human and a more competent ninja than most of the other characters, and Gakuenchou's best friend. They even gave Hemuhemu a new origin - according to the anime, Hemuhemu is around 20 years old, and Gakuenchou found him as a puppy. But the puppy barked too much to be a ninja dog, so Gakuenchou told him he would have to stop saying "wan wan". With a lot of practice and determination, the dog taught himself to say "hemu hemu" instead, and that became his name.

In the Princess Comics: Nintama Rantarou manga, Hemuhemu is drawn and behaves more like his anime counterpart. He still looks very different, but Amako-sensei obviously based this work on the anime. Two pictures from the Nintama Rantarou manga are included to the left. For more information, please see Level 4: The Manga.


Yamamoto Shina is the teacher in the kunoichi kyoushitsu (the girls' ninja classroom). Sometimes she looks and acts like a nice old lady, and other times she looks like a beautiful but dangerous young woman. Which is real and which is a disguise? Not even the other teachers at the school know her true age.

Shokudou no Obachan

Shoukudou no Obachan (lit. the cafeteria 'auntie') is the strongest woman at Ninjutsu Gakuen. She is both feared and respected by everyone. In the anime, her battle cry before every meal is "Onokoshi wa yurushimahende!" or "Leftovers are unforgivable!" In other words, you eat what she gives you.


Tobe Shinzaemon is the sword instructor at Ninjutsu Gakuen. He is a great swordsman, one of the best there is. But, he has one great weakness. If he doesn't eat on a regular basis, he loses his strength and it becomes difficult for him to even pick up a sword.

Komatsuda Shuusaku

When Komatsuda Shuusaku first arrived at Ninjutsu Gakuen, he was breaking in as part of a test in order to become a Dokutake Ninja. However, it didn't work out, and so he got a job at the school as an administrative assistant. Although he's both a secretary and a ninja, he's completely incompetent at both. At least he loves his job!


Ooki Masanosuke was also a teacher at Ninjutsu Gakuen. However, he had a 'falling out' with the 2nd year-igumi teacher Nomura-sensei. You see, Ooki-sensei is a little obsessed with shallots and onions, and Nomura-sensei hates them - they literally make him sick. Ooki-sensei is the main teacher in the Rakudai Ninja Rantarou book series. He also has a pet rabbit! It's so cute! And it's name is Rabi-chan!


Nomura Yuuzou is the 2nd year-igumi jitsugi teacher. He hates onions, and is sick of fighting with Ooki-sensei over them. He's actually a lot cooler looking and has more important roles in the manga than in the anime.


Matsuchiyo Yorozu is the 2nd year-igumi classroom teacher. He is a very hairy man, but his biggest problem is that he is VERY shy and constantly embarrassed.


Shadou Kagemaro, 1st year-rogumi classroom teacher, is not the kind of guy you would want to invite to a party, unless it was a Halloween party. He's probably the most depressing person at the school.


Hinata Bokuo is the 1st year-rogumi jitsugi teacher. He works with Shadou-sensei.


Andou Natsunojou is the 1st year-igumi classroom teacher. He and Doi-sensei don't get along, and there's more than a little rivalry between hagumi and igumi.


Atsugi Taitsu is the 1st year-igumi jitsugi teacher. He works with Andou-sensei.


Kinoshita Tetsumaru is the 5th year-igumi jitsugi teacher. He has a very short temper.


Yoshino Sakuzou has a scary personality. He's responsible for the tools and weapons at the school. Some of the things he does in the manga are replaced by Hemuhemu in the anime.

Jimuin no Obachan

Jimuin no Obachan is the main secretary at the school.


Oomajime Kenzou was a student teacher who came to Ninjutsu Gakuen and got stuck teaching hagumi. Talk about trial by fire. But they finally helped him get a position at Ninjutsu Gakuen.

Kurokoge Panzou

Kurokoge Panzou comes to Ninjutsu Gakuen now and again to help out when Obachan has to leave, and to teach ninja survival-style cooking. Be happy if the most unusual ingredient he makes you use is rice.


Niino Hirokazu is the school doctor. He gets called on often to look after injured/sick/poisoned/etc. students and teachers.

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