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Name: Bratty Asakura-Elric
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Sent: 00.33 - thu 7 oct 2004

*laughs* My, my ^__^ I was suddenly reminded of Nintama Rantarou by a mere note I heard someone whistling, and suddenly found myself in the NEED of hearing the opening song again. Finding this site reminded me so MUCH of why I loved this series -- and helped me, too, since I knew absolutely nothing about the manga!

Great, great job. Very detailed one, at that. So much information...

...I can only thank you. ^__^ and, please, keep the good work.

Name: Albert
Hometown: AK
Sent: 07.44 - sat 2 oct 2004

Great site! You are an example for all of us to follow!

Name: Herdi
Hometown: Bandung - Indonesia
Sent: 23.12 - mon 27 sep 2004

I watch Ninja Rantarou in one of tv station here. I really love it and never miss it. Thank you for your page, I become more familiar with the characters, especially the one love most, Hemu-hemu :-P

Name: Putri
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Sent: 16.50 - sat 25 sep 2004

Hellloo... I am Ninja Rantarou heavy heavy fan!!! But why in Indonesia the Nintama Rantarou comics are only avaible until number 24? Where's the next? If you, Soubee Amako read this, please!!! Give Nintama Rantarou to Indonesiaaaa!!!!!!!!! If not, I will give you SARS viruses (oh, thats left)!!!

Name: Dennis Bonsato
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Sent: 16.17 - sun 12 sep 2004


Name: Maghen
Hometown: Malaysia
Sent: 14.06 - sat 4 sep 2004

What is this

Name: alexander
Hometown: sibolga(indonesia)
Sent: 00.11 - sat 28 aug 2004

Name: nindy
Hometown: jakarta (indonesia)
Sent: 20.09 - sat 14 aug 2004

i love ninja rantaro very much!!! i think doi-sensei is very cute in anime. i want to know everything about him!! and, i like rikichi yamada too...!!

Name: ninja gal
Hometown: negeri sembilan,malaysia
Sent: 00.06 - fri 13 aug 2004

ninja boys are my most favourite anime since i was a kid.i love it so much!

Name: Jerome
Sent: 12.52 - sun 8 aug 2004

This is cool!

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