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Name: Aoi Yume
Hometown: Singapore
Sent: 12.52 - sun 6 may 2001

Su-go-i!!! 'Nuff said.

Name: Saeko Yasuoka
Hometown: Tokyo
Sent: 00.51 - sun 6 may 2001

Hallo! I was surprised the detailed chalacter list that you made. I've also written English page in my site, but I don't need to write the list page, do I?
There are a lot of difficult words in comics, I hope you'll be familiar with medieval history and custom of Japan through "Rakudai-Ninja Rantarou".

Name: DangerMouse
Hometown: Austin
Sent: 07.01 - tue 17 apr 2001

Great page! I love this show! Well, at least, the 45 minutes of it I've seen!

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