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Name: shinobichau
Sent: 20.30 - fri 9 jul 2004

Hi, my name is shinobichau, i'm from Vietnam and i'm a crazy fan of rantaro ninja comic, in this comic i like a lot of personalities but i like doi sensei best, he's very very good and he's a hansome teacher ha ha

Name: Salie
Hometown: MD
Sent: 01.40 - thu 8 jul 2004

Just surfed in to your site

Name: matti
Sent: 18.38 - wed 7 jul 2004

Name: Kiri
Hometown: CHILE MI ALMAA!!!
Sent: 13.04 - wed 30 jun 2004

Hello!!! I am a fanatical super iper of nintama rantarou it is the best!!! It is my favorite series and always it will be. I love Doi Hansuke I loved it from the first moment in which I saw it and it is an alone my!!!!!!!!! MY DOOOOOOII!!!.
Any person who wants to change information or images (I have many) of this series that one adds to the msn messenger.
Forgive my Englishman but I am not good at this language.

Name: Mizu Awa
Hometown: BSB
Sent: 21.33 - tue 22 jun 2004

Eeek, Nintama Rantarou webpage. OMG I LOve this series so much. They are like the best, even my sister who hate anime happen to love this series. Anyway I AM SOOO GLAD, to stumble upon your site and you have done a great job! great work again!

Name: Bas
Hometown: Thailand
Sent: 00.59 - sun 16 may 2004

I'm Nintama Runtarou Fans! but It's Really hard tofind some about it in my home town , please mail me !

Sent: 23.23 - sat 15 may 2004 Private Entry:

Name: leonel hernandez
Hometown: perth
Sent: 04.04 - fri 16 apr 2004

yo i dont know what this is about unless it is about actual martial arts?

Name: Quang Nguyen
Hometown: San Diego
Sent: 13.43 - thu 19 feb 2004

every time I read this comic, it brought me back to my childhood
I don't think I can ever forget this piece of art. it's part of my memory
anyway, is there any website to provide more link to media files of this story? I'm craving for this!!!

Name: jili
Hometown: sacramento
Sent: 05.43 - mon 16 feb 2004

i think i really like this story, it so cute, all character in this story is look like my friend ^_^

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