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Sent: 17.36 - sat 24 jan 2004 Private Entry:

Name: mizuno
Sent: 17.44 - thu 18 dec 2003

very funny and lovely.i love rantarou.

Name: Person no. 1
Hometown: Earth
Sent: 02.49 - tue 11 nov 2003

Awesomeness! I love this stuff! I used to watch it when I lived in Japan and now i understand it. I remember the quiet, sunny afternoons when I turned on to channel 2, NHK in my area, to watch the sweet little ninjas do something cute. Ahh...memories...

Name: Zorro
Sent: 00.23 - sat 8 nov 2003

i really like Rantarou but i don't know where i can download it?

Name: Alissa
Hometown: Miami
Sent: 07.04 - fri 7 nov 2003

Ookinakurinokinoshita Anata? Isn't that a Japanese children's song? I love this website. I've been watching this show ever since we got Japanese television, and I really like it!

Name: Katie
Hometown: in Michigan
Sent: 18.01 - tue 14 oct 2003

Thanks for all the info! I'm living in Japan right now, and came across 'Rantarou'. I don't know enough Japanese to understand it all, but I love it! It's such a cute show. Your site is very handy! Thanks!

Sent: 15.00 - mon 21 jul 2003 Private Entry:

Sent: 08.28 - fri 11 jul 2003 Private Entry:

Name: himiko nomiura
Hometown: toronto
Sent: 12.21 - fri 27 jun 2003

cute website! i love it

Name: kaoru chiito
Hometown: Arkansas
Sent: 12.18 - fri 27 jun 2003

i can't stop laughing as i watch the nintama rantarou show!i really love this show!anybody have the lyrics of "Dancin' junk" please send me.

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