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Name: Toramax
Hometown: Ottawa,Canada
Sent: 10.48 - wed 11 jun 2003

It's so great to find a site this comprehensive in english! I first got into Nintama when I was finally able to subscribe to NHK through my cable company's digital cable system. I was already a huge follower of anime so as soon as I saw this cute animated show, I sat down to watch it. I was hooked right away and
have been watching it for about three years now. I don't speak Japanese, so it took me quite a long time of really listening and watching in order to pick up
the main elements of the show, such as main character's name and personalities. You still can't pick up everything though, so it's great to find this site. Now I can watch and enjoy this gem of a show even more thanks to all the fantastic and precise explainations on this site! One element of Nintama that never needed any translation for me though was the great physical humour of this show! It's a universal type of comedy and that's what makes this show so special. It makes you a fan, even if you don't understand everything about it. This site makes it even better! I'll definitely be visiting it again and again! Oh, did I mention Shinbei's the cutest thing since sliced bread? Well, except when his nose needs a good wipe. I love Hemuhemu too!

Name: Yuffie the dark ninja
Hometown: Wutai
Sent: 07.41 - fri 25 apr 2003

I first saw nintama rantaro around HEY! Last week I think! I was at my aunt's and Japanese grandma's home in New York (not the city, just the state) and grandma has Japanese tv. Well I heard a tune that for some reason sounded like anime (I'm not sure why, I had been hearing all kinds of crazy music from her Japan TV). Well I went to see and I was so surprised to see NINJAS! I love ninjas very much (not the turtles or the power rangers though...eeww). Naruto, Yuffie Kisaragi (my original and fave ninja), Taki (soul calibur), Kunimitsu (Tekken) All of them! Well after I asked grandma what the show was called (the only name I got was Yamada sensei's) and immediately went online to find a site for it. Your's was the first good one in English (and it is a VERY good one I must say). DOMO ARIGATOU! Hey! Does anyone know where I can get tapes? I really want to see more episodes!

Name: suki
Hometown: chile
Sent: 05.38 - sun 9 mar 2003

hi, i like your homepage. it' s not very easy to find a web with information about nintama rantarou. thanks you very much.

Name: Gao Far Lecee
Sent: 02.22 - wed 5 mar 2003

Top stuff. I've been watching the series (Cantonese-dubbed) ever since it was shown, but I never knew any of the names... until now! Brilliant site, the amount of information you have is fantastic, especially considering you're not done yet. I'm a fan of Doi-sensei myself; he reminds me to appreciate the work of teachers. After all, it's ninja TEACHERS who are the real ultimate power!

Name: Dokuro
Sent: 23.47 - fri 28 feb 2003

I'm like shimbe and my girl friend is like shinge-chan we are so mutch alike, I love this anime but now we are sad, because they got it of the air, the omly thing that keeps us happy is the fact that we are 2 ninjas. watashiwa kondokuro no ninja desu. watashiwa aisuru hiourin-chan, ANATA!!!!

Sent: 20.13 - sat 15 feb 2003 Private Entry:

Sent: 20.13 - sat 15 feb 2003 Private Entry:

Name: reanna
Sent: 20.11 - sat 15 feb 2003

i really like nintana rantarou ... do u have n.e.more info

Name: adam maxwell
Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sent: 05.00 - fri 14 feb 2003

Hope this anime never end!!. Cool site. Just make me like this anime more

Name: Ido
Hometown: Chile
Sent: 13.39 - mon 3 feb 2003

great Site. The best of site of Rantarou


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