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Name: Xavier
Hometown: US
Sent: 10.34 - sun 20 oct 2002

I've just found that there are 2(mabey 3) Nintama Rantarou Gameboy games. One of them is just like Super Ninja Boys. The other one is a puzzle game. Its a tile puzzle game. I like the puzzle one best.

Name: Justine
Sent: 13.01 - sun 29 sep 2002

WAHAHA!! This site is cool!! You answered all my questions at this page. Why when I watched this anime long time ago I didn't even know what was going on!
Visit my website too please!

Sent: 18.52 - sat 21 sep 2002

Sent: 10.20 - thu 12 sep 2002

Name: Winni Keung
Hometown: Singapore
Sent: 22.39 - thu 5 sep 2002

The cartoon is so cute !!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Puppy
Hometown: VN
Sent: 20.44 - tue 3 sep 2002

Name: YU
Sent: 14.50 - sun 25 aug 2002

Thank you for the pictures!
I enjoy it very much.

Name: Jamie
Hometown: USA
Sent: 03.21 - fri 23 aug 2002

Nintama Rantarou is the best Game I've ever played !!!!

Name: YU
Hometown: Taipei,Taiwan
Sent: 20.57 - fri 16 aug 2002

I'm not sure if you have gotten the letter which I sent to you.
The letter is about the picture number I need.

Name: YU
Hometown: Taiwan
Sent: 13.55 - wed 14 aug 2002

I want to get the scan picture....
I ever sent the e-mail for you.
Did you receive it?

My English is broken.
Forgive me,please.

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