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Name: Bond
Hometown: Virginia, USA
Sent: 12.21 - sat 25 may 2002

From the US but when back to the 'Homeland' AKA Thailand for a few years. That's where I got to see the show for the first time and I loved it from day one ^_^ I'm glad that there is an English web-site on this great show. Wish they would air it here in America so that there would be more great sites like this... but till then this is the original and revolutionary site! Thanks for building it ^_^

Name: alex
Hometown: thailand
Sent: 16.09 - tue 7 may 2002

so very very pretty cool one! I like this very very much

Name: Francisco
Hometown: Copiapó Chile
Sent: 08.35 - sun 31 mar 2002

Ninja Rantaro es entretenida, yo que practico ninjutsu me entretengo mirando las aventuras de estos aprendises de ninja, el personaje que mas me gusta es el maestro Yamada.
Desde Chile un abrso.

Name: Lorena
Hometown: Viņa del Mar
Sent: 14.40 - wed 27 mar 2002

Thanks again for this marvelous page. Hope we get more of the series, in Chile we only got hold of the first part (1st chapters) at 16 (afternoon) and afterwards at 11 (morning) so I lost track mostly.

Great 1, Rantaro! I assume I like our translation too... it's so vivid and full of energy... voices so perfectly matched to chars, I guess how they are in other countries, if someone wants to describe (in spanish Shinbe's got a thin high pitched little voice, Kirimaru a youthful one, Rantaro a childish one) I'll welcome!

Kudos 4 all from Chile!

Name: Mariko Kobayashi
Hometown: Nihon, Kyoto-shi
Sent: 12.27 - sat 23 mar 2002

Good Morning Jenn~! I always enjoy visiting your sunshiny webpage. Thank u very!
Love and light,

Name: air
Hometown: Thailand
Sent: 02.59 - tue 12 mar 2002

hey! nice 2 miss u! I love this cartoon very very much. I love Kirimaru and I want his picture if u have it. Can u send it to me! Thank you very much.

Name: Musha-chan
Hometown: Nellingen, Germany
Sent: 23.50 - wed 6 mar 2002

Wooahh! Your site is justīgreat!! Many information and all. Good that you made this page or I would have never known about Nintama Rantarou and would have never fallen in love with this series (and Doi-sensei^v^) !!! Letīs hope that Rantarou will come to our countries on TV or on Video...

Name: Xavier T.
Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in U.S.
Sent: 13.35 - sun 10 feb 2002

I've never seen the Nintama Rantarou Anime, or seen the Manga. But I have played the game. I have Nintama Rantarou 1,2,3, and puzzle. I love those games. I went looking all over the net for an english Nintama Rantarou site. I just wanted to know more about it. I was stunned to find this site. I love it! Now I know how is who. The games are all in Japanese, so I did'nt know their names. Currently, my favorate character is Kirimaru. Now that this magnificent site has given me some solid info, I'm going to buy a video off the internet somewhere..... Even if it is in Japanese....

Name: Aki
Sent: 01.00 - wed 9 jan 2002

OHAYO!!! I love the Nintama Rantarou series, in fact when it showed in my country a couple of years ago, i caught nearly every episode. It's just so wacky!! There aren't many Nintama's webpages out there, so it's a great relief to find your page. I like it very much. Keep up the good work.

Name: Andrew
Hometown: UK
Sent: 00.35 - wed 2 jan 2002

This is a cool web site! Please visit my web site and sign my guestbook! My web address is:

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