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Unfortunately, there aren't many English language links for Nintama Rantarou. However, here are a few.

Ninja-eggs-Anonymous This is a mailing list to talk about Nintama Rantarou! We need members! Come join and have fun.

Asahi Shogakusei Shimbun Online Okay, this isn't in English, but it's such an important link that I though it should be at the top of the page. Here is a link to the online site for the weekly newspaper where the Rakudai Ninja Rantarou manga is published. More specifically, here is a direct link to the official Rakudai Ninja Rantarou homepage. And here is a direct link to an interview with Amako-sensei.

Altavista Babelfish Translations If you can't read Japanese, you can use this page to translate Japanese language pages into English, or one of many other languages (including Spanish). The quality of the translation varies, and it can't recognize unusual names like Rantarou or Kirimaru. But it's useful for getting a basic idea.

Amikai Translation Software Here's another site with excellent webpage translation ability. You'll have to register to use the web translation utility, but you can use the text translator without being logged in.

The Muromachi Era This is an interesting place to start looking for historical information about the late Muromachi/Civil War era when the Rantarou stories are supposed to take place (technically should probably be sometime between 1540's and 1560's). More links soon!

IB/CF Home This site has both English and Japanese pages devoted to the manga Rakudai Ninja Rantarou. From the main page, you can get to the English page by following the link, and the Rantarou page is called Rak-Ran's Page. There are some very interesting pages here!

Sylvia's MP3 Arena! Unfortunately, the Nintama content from Sylvia's page seems to be gone. I'll leave this link here anyway in case she ever puts it back up.

The Anything-Goes Anime Lyrics Archive This site has the Romanized Japanese lyrics to Yuuki 100%. Perfect for all your karaoke needs.

Harmonic ReverieThis is a fan art archive with a couple of cute pictures of Doi-sensei, Rikichi, and Kirimaru from Rantarou in the gallery (but while you're at it, check out her other work - she's got some really cute pictures!)

Nintama Rantarou webring Just for fun, here is a really USEFUL Japanese link - it's the list of pages in the Japanese Nintama Rantarou webring. If you can read Japanese, you can find all sorts of interesting information and doujinshi-stuff on these pages.

Pony Canyon And finally, here's a link to the current Pony Canyon web page where you can find some information about buying the 3rd set of videos.

Yay! I'm finally listed on the Anime Web Turnpike! Kunoichi Trixie Turnpike edited by jcaliff

Enter the NinjaThis is a site devoted to information about ninja on the web and in real life. They've got some interesting stuff.

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