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Dokutake Ninja

The ninja of Dokutake castle (literally "poison mushroom" castle) are often the antagonists in some of the more exciting stories. They are easily recognized by their bright red uniforms and round sunglasses. Most of the ninja have names ending with the character "ki" (oni, ogre); Fuuki, Donki, Sanki, etc.

Hieta Happousai

Hieta Happousai is the leader of the Dokutake ninja. He is a short man with a head that is much too heavy for his body. In the anime, he constantly falls over backwards and the other Dokutake have to help him stand up again. Incidentally, he doesn't do this nearly as often in the manga.


The most recognizable and frequently seen of the Dokutake ninja is Fuuki. He is as incompetent as the rest of them. His son, Fubuki, is a Dokutama.

Kinokojirou Taketaka

Kinokojirou Taketaka is the lord of Dokutake Castle, and the guy that Happousai reports to. He likes to pretend to ride a fake horse.

Ookinakurinokinoshita Anata

Ookinakurinokinoshita Anata, the man with a rediculously long name, is the commanding officer of the Dokutake ninja. He has almost no role in the anime.


Later in the series, the Dokutake ninja start their own school for ninjas. There are only four students in the Dokutake Ninjutsu Class, but they try harder. I actually find myself rooting for them most of the time. All the Dokutama's names end with "buki".


Shibuki is the leader of the Dokutama, and the most serious.


Ibuki is Shibuki's friend, and is a little more laid back.


Fubuki is Fuuki's son. They look very similar - similar enough that Fuuki was able to try to pass himself off as his son. Fubuki wants his dad to be proud of him, and he hates it when his dad screws up.


Yamabuki is the only girl among the Dokutama. She looks a little like Shige-chan.

Makaino Kouji

Makaino Kouji is the Dokutama's teacher. He's acutally a pretty good teacher. He just has very bad fashion sense and very, very ugly hakama.

Narukane Tochidaemon

Narukane Tochidaemon is a greedy miser who lives next to the school. He hates tresspassers, and he hates the school (who use crossing his land as a class excercise). Anything that he finds on his land becomes his. His dog is Zeni no Hana wa Shiroi Gou (called Hemuhemu early in the manga series).

Zeni no Hana wa Shiroi Gou

Zeni no Hana wa Shiroi Gou (literally "The Nose of Money is White Number"), sometimes called Hemuhemu early in the manga series, is the dog who lives with Narukane-san. He has a strange voice (hemu hemu), and the uncanny ability to instantly detect when something or someone comes onto Narukane's land. In the manga he spends some time with the school and helps with a few storylines.

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