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There are actually a number of seals sets that I've seen, but don't have yet. And there are some seals in the front of manga volume 20.

These two seals are from some kind of food item, made by Lotte (probably gum or chocolate). Each seal has a picture underneath - if you put them all together you can make a puzzle.

Lotte seal 06
Lotte seal 19

This is a page of seals from an issue of Animage from October 1993.

Animage seals

These are some NHK promotional seals from 1998.

NHK seals

new! These are some seals that seem to be related to the Super Famicon game, from 1996.

Super Famicon game seals

new! And these are some seals that seem to be a promotion from the 1996 movie.

Movie seals

The seals pictured below I bought from Yahoo Japan auctions. They were included with Nintama Rantarou Ice snacks. The front images are shown below. The backs of each seal have a character sketch and information about that character. My favorite it definitely seal number 19, with Rikichi, Doi-sensei, and the kids in drag! I'm sorry the scans are so small, but I wanted this page to load quickly. If you are really interested and want a larger scan of a specific seal, send me an email.

seal 01
seal 02 seal 03 seal 04 seal 05 seal 06
seal 07 seal 08 seal 09 seal 10 seal 11 seal 12
seal 13
seal 14 seal 15 seal 16 seal 17 seal 18
seal 19
seal 20 seal 21 seal 22 seal 23 seal 24
seal 25 seal 26 seal 27 seal 28 seal 29 seal 30
seal 31 seal 32 seal 33 seal 34 seal 35 seal 36

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